How to Use Trello for Inquiries + Custom Design Clients
10am CDT on Wednesday May 29, 2019

During this webinar, we discussed a variety of different ways that you can use Trello to help to create an incredible client experience for your custom design clients.

This webinar will be geared towards stationery and branding designers who want to use Trello to encompass communication, proofing, and organization with their clients.

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Using Trello for Inquiries and Custom Design Clients - Webinar by Society for Creative Founders

In this webinar, we covered:

Using Trello for organizing inquiries

  • how to organize inquiries and put them into a workflow

  • discuss the importance of canned responses for inquiries

  • create labels to help you to see where your inquiries are coming from

  • how to use Zapier to help save you steps when people inquire on your website through your contact form

Using Trello with your clients

  • how to organize conversations to keep them out of your inbox

  • how to prioritize important details

  • how to make proofing clearer

  • how to make your design process workflow easy to replicate time and again

Your Host:

Hi! I’m Kristin Wilson, the owner of the Society for Creative Founders.  I am an educator for creatives, a designer with a serious passion for all things letterpress, and overall encourager for fellow business owners.
I have used Trello with custom design clients for more than five years, and the way it organized my business for inquiries + design clients for communication transformed how organized I was able to be.

I hope that you will join me this week as I share all of my tips and tricks to using this productivity tool well!

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