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Laura Knopp

“Before I attended this conference I had a lot of self-doubt. It felt like I was right on the cusp of making some necessary changes in my business and life, but I was in need of a gentle nudge in the right direction. I was able to see the concrete action steps need to make my dreams a reality. After the conference, I had a roadmap in addition to a renewed confidence and sense of creativity. [If I hadn’t attended the Conference], I would probably be feeling stuck and spinning my wheels. I would have a to-do list a mile long and self-doubt would be holding me back.

I was nervous about having roommates I wouldn't click with, but from the moment we all stepped into our shared room, there was an instant camaraderie.
Everyone was so kind and open - it was a really special experience to share a room with 3 other women who were so wonderful! I think if I'd had a room by myself, I would have definitely been missing out on the opportunity to connect with some of the ladies on a deeper level. The late night chats we had in our room were some of my favorite memories from the conference.

The financial investment and the time away are absolutely worth it! This was an experience like no other - every little detail was so well-thought out. I felt so taken care of while I was there and I left feeling educated, focused, and confident. In addition to all of that, I felt such a strong sense of sisterhood and I now have friends I can rely on who get what life as an entrepreneur/mother is like.”

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Amanda Means

“Being such a shy person, I'm always hesitant about meeting new people, but this conference was beyond phenomenal. I feel so supported and encouraged. What is poured into you at this conference is beyond what you can imagine. It's worth every moment of your time, and you will be a better business owner, woman, and person because of the time spent at SCF.

Even though they were all invaluable, the Plan session had me in tears, because that session alone was what I needed to be reminded that I'm building a life.
My business is supporting that dream life that I want for myself and my future family. I deserve to have what I need and by planning effectively, I can come closer to making that happen.

I felt more connected with the other women because we were in a house. At any given time, someone was chatting or laughing or giving advice. The beach house provided us with a sense of closeness that we wouldn't have been able to get anywhere else.

This experience has changed my life. I can't say that enough.
I am so excited to implement what I've learned and to grow deeper relationships with my new friends. Without this Conference, I know that I would still be scrambling, trying to do all the things. I knew the brand I wanted to be, I just didn't know how to appropriately provide services as the brand I desired.”

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Katie Mangrum

“180 degree turn! My lack of knowledge all things business related and the lie I had bought into all my life that I wasn’t capable of learning this side of things got squelched through this conference experience. Sitting under the teaching and wisdom of these women who aren’t there to judge but rather to help educate and empower you no matter what point you are in on your journey opened my eyes to the truth that I can do this...I am capable of setting value to myself and my work and creating a professional business with my art. Being surrounded by such a community of creative women as I was who were all for one another was and will forever be life changing to me.

[If I hadn’t attended this Conference], I would still be unaware with how little I knew but with the lie of not being capable to grasp business talk, I wouldn’t grow much at fact I think without attending this conference, I would be close to peaking and eventually burn out as a result of my lack of knowledge, focusing more on my products and selling to people rather than figuring out my own voice and proudly sharing what I love, to not valuing myself, my time, and my gifts before someone else did.

I needed to hear specifically that rather than focus on product making on what sells, to search and discover my style, my own voice and share that voice with my head held high with the world. I have spent a majority of my life listening to others share what I should be doing with my art and doing what they said with the main objective of thinking of the consumer. I felt inspired and challenged to choose a new perspective to have with my art and the excitement and joy in what going in that direction would be like.

To learn so much from other women who have so much knowledge and wisdom to share from their journey and experience in becoming the creative founders they are today...what an incredible education we received in such a short amount of time! No words do justice to the experience I had.”

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Jessica Smith

“I just left my full time career and was of course ambitious to take my business to the "next level" (which I now use very lightly!) However, I was unsure what to do to try and make bigger and more refined. I also felt sort of a mess- how can I do this while taking care of my kids and balance all other at-home responsibilities? I was certainly looking for advice more than answers, to help me understand where to go from here.

The inspiration from the speakers and other attendees alike was so valuable in changing my mindset and self worth. I was always a firm believer that mindset can change anything, and I am so glad the conference reinforced this and then took the extra step to show me how to apply this shift to my business and personal life.

While I am a firm believer and graduate of Google University, I strongly believe that business owners need to invest in proper education for their businesses to be successful. Something that goes beyond social media, beyond asking other creatives questions. It is so valuable to LISTEN to others and then APPLY content to your business and lifestyle.

I truly loved all of it as the conference exceeded my expectations. The attention to detail is top notch, I felt "home" even when not knowing absolutely anyone. Every ribbon and unexpected treat, every bow and every speaker, I felt was made just for me. I loved that I could walk from my room or the beach right to my session in less than a few moments. I loved that the speakers sat with us during sessions, to show us we are always learning. I LOVED that all levels of businesses were there; I debated if it was worth it to go being established for a bit now, and it just filled my heart to see that I could help others and they also encouraged me.”

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Alex Bray, Prairie Letter Shop

"It has been a week since I've been home from the Conference, and I feel a tangible difference in my disposition towards my business. In the weeks and months leading up to the conference, I felt frantic and anxious throughout the workday, always rushing to get from one order to another, ending the day breathless and left with little energy for the things I love to do outside of work. After working through the sessions and experiencing the community of Society for Creative Founders, I feel a different sense of peace throughout the week knowing that I have a clear direction for the future of my business. Not only to do I feel relieved, but I find myself approaching my work with a greater sense of urgency and excitement, knowing that I have a stronger foundation for what I want my business to look like this year and in five years. I know that I have a huge mountain of tasks ahead of me, but I left with an increased sense of confidence in my ability to do the work. I feel incredibly inspired to support the women around me and continue to build community.  

...[this] is not a 101 course. I gained a wealth of knowledge from the content of the sessions themselves. Though I have attended several creative conferences in the past, I found myself working through exercises that were totally new to me and had a huge impact on the way that I now think about my business. The breadth and depth of the content genuinely exceeded my expectations. Each minute was used intentionally for learning and community; there was no wasted time. Furthermore, the community was outstanding. I also gained so many quick tips about the stationery and product world that I picked up and jotted down in fleeting moments throughout the experience--the kind of insider knowledge that is only possible when you get a group of like-minded and paper-loving businesswomen together. Most importantly, I gained a sharper perspective on the mission of my business and the type of life I want to build, with my business as a key component but NOT the center. I had some staggering realizations about the way that I have been operating in over the last two years and how unsustainable it is, and I know that I will operate very differently moving forward."

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Kristin Wilsontestimonials
Tyler Bedwell

“I was at a stalemate in my business prior to the conference. There were paths of uncertainty before me that were neither bad nor were they great. I could continue on the way I was going and selling product because I could, but lacking the joy in that, or try something a little different and go down a path that might be scary and unknown, but that may open opportunities for growth and loving my business again. I wanted to attend the conference to find the joy I lost in the work I do by getting fresh perspectives from other creative professionals and feeling inspired again.

The Creative Founders Conference surpassed anything I could have imagined.
Being surrounded by creative women who know what it's like to run their own small business – being able to bounce ideas off of one another, and challenging and encouraging each other was the BEST! Having a creative-based conference ocean-side helps inspire us and refresh our business and mindset. When you're in a creative space, I think it can only lead to more creativity and awesome brainstorming!

Not only did I leave feeling inspired and ready to hit the (creative) road running, but have made friendships and connections with other women makers that I didn't think was possible in such a short period of time.  The positivity and encouragement from each individual was mind-blowing. I highly recommend others who are seeking this type of experience to leap and go!”

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Hope Johnson, The Little Blue Chair

"There was so much information to soak in, I felt like a sponge. I gained so much reassurance. ...reassurance that I was not the only one with my head in the clouds, not the only one who has fears. I gained a very real "we're all human" mindset. The speakers and sponsors, they're human too. They can make jokes, they can be vulnerable. We were all of the same, and knowing that helped me tremendously. 

Going in to the conference, I was a little nervous about what I'd leave with. "I know this stuff," I thought. I was wrong. I simply learned SO much more than what I thought I already knew. I refined it, perfected it. I had a general idea of where I wanted my business to go. Attending the Society for Creative Founders conference was like hiring an intense three-day business mentor that REALLY laid your thoughts out to a feasible and reachable plan in order to reach both short and long term goals. You may think you know this stuff, but having a support system to evaluate and encourage you along the mapping-out of your business, this was invaluable.  

I've heard from so many how wonderful this conference is and that I wouldn't regret going. The biggest push in my decision was being able to unplug and step away. Like any artist, you often need to step away from your sketchbook, only to come back to see what changes need to be made. I knew the Conference would allow me to do just that. I just got the feeling that if I left only with a sense of rejuvenation from a three-day get-a-way, that would be enough. I left with so much more than that and I'm so thankful I decided to go."

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Kristin Wilsontestimonials
Shawna Clingerman

“Before the conference I didn’t quite know how to take my business seriously. I had lots of floaty ideas and dreams but I didn’t quite know how to move forward, let alone IF I was capable of doing big things. I learned so much about what it is that make me special as an individual and business owner, and I walked away with a confidence I’ve never before felt. I have never felt so sure and so ready before.

I’ve spent so many years in business and in life just reacting to what comes my way. Not taking the ownership I need to really set my own direction. It is so easy to get caught up in the same patterns, the hustle. Had I not attended the conference I’m sure I would have continued right along the same track. I loved that the venue gave us the opportunity to spend all of our time together. It was nice that every space was ours and we didn’t have other people around. It helps to lower inhibitions I think. I can’t imagine that this would feel the same in a traditional hotel.

The attention to detail, the every second of being cared for and gifted to and doted on and built up was amazing. This is the sort of thing that is nearly impossible to put into words. I am not a different person after walking away but instead the exact same me only with a passion and confidence and sense of purpose that is more powerful than I could have imagined. This entire experience truly was a GIFT.

YOU are worth it, you are special and have things to offer the world that no one else can.
You have to nurture your skills, give yourself the space to grow so that you can really flourish in business AND in life. The confidence and sense of direction you will walk away with from this conference is truly priceless - take this step and it will be the beginning of a journey you can only dream of.”

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Olivia Omega

"Prior to the Creative Founders Conference my business was a bit stuck. Not necessarily in direction, but in energy, motivation and inspiration. The lack of energy and action was resulting in a lack of work and revenue. Like many of us I had a list of to-dos and mile long and an awareness of where I needed to focus my energy...the energy I didn't have.

This conference was a big huge massive pause button for me. On my life, my family, my work and my thoughts. It was a time for me to step back, breathe and be reminded of who I am, who's I am and what I am called to be. I needed the type of inspiration and reality check that I can never give myself...working for myself, by myself. I was able to regroup, prioritize and breathe new life into the dreams, projects and aspirations that I had. Not only did I walk away with a new sense of confidence, a rush of creativity, a new set of friends and family, and a whole lot of energy, but I walked away with a plan to make it all a reality.  

 I will remember these 3 days for the rest of my life as a critical turning point in my business and in who I am as a business woman. The time out and time of focus, clarity and rejuvenation is needed as much if not more than any other resource or thing I thought I needed to make things work. I would even venture to say that this sort of thing is needed more than just once, but should be incorporated into our business's annual or bi-annual development and planning."

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Maghon Taylor

"I loved learning from these women who know their stuff and actually putting the pen to paper and doing the work when we were in the room. Once I got home I had to hit the ground running and at other conferences I had to go home and do the work AFTER. I loved how we filled out the sheets sitting there at that moment so I got to come home ready to take action. I got to feel like I could be 100% authentic here and absolutely myself. Sometimes other conferences make you be quiet or more reserved and are SO so serious that I leave feeling like “did I really get to know anyone here?” This one was absolutely my favorite because I got to just be me –confetti and all. 

I am turning in my notice to leave my full time job. This was the last and final push I needed to take that leap and the money module helped make the financial piece of this puzzle crystal clear. I felt so supported, encouraged and SAVVY about my business moving forward. It is education heavy which I SO greatly appreciate. I felt like I didn’t hear things that I had already heard at other conferences. I was concerned initially that my business may be too far along to attend Stationery Academy and it was more for beginners but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I think there is room for anybody and everybody to learn if they have an open mind. 

I had this on my list of workshops to attend, and timing was right! The webinar that [SCF] hosted was what made me pull the trigger. This conference exceeded my expectations. I am so excited I was able to attend and feel like it was absolutely worth the investment."

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