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Fall Creative Founders Conference Speaker Erin Kendrick

Erin is a visual artist from Jacksonville, Florida who’s color rich, acrylic ink-stained works of art seek to inspire a dialogue about contemporary spectatorship and the power of language as it relates to perceptions of and about black women. She has exhibited work in museums, galleries and alternative spaces throughout the southeastern United States. 

Erin joined us for the first time as an attendee at our 2016 Conference, and it has been absolutely incredible to see how much she has transformed in the last two years since joining us for the first time.

Erin has completely come into her own, distinctive, entirely unique element as an artist, and she is someone I am thrilled will be with us at the Conference this fall.


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A small handful of creative entrepreneurs attend Conferences, Workshops, and Retreats every year.  

And a lot of creative entrepreneurs, for whatever reasons they may be, do not.  We buy online courses, classes, and attend online webinars all day long, but going to anything in-person has lot lower of a chance of it actually happening.

Why is that? The power of attending an in-person event gives you something that all of these online offerings do not, and that's something that I want talk about today.  So below, I wanted to write a post sharing with you why I think that attending an in-person event is not only important, but should be a vital item you include in your business as an entrepreneur.


Top Chrome Plug-Ins for Trello Tips for Productivity

You constantly hear people saying Team Trello! or Team Asana! when it comes to productivity tips and we have to be honest, we've flipped back and forth between the two as well. 

However,  when it comes down to it, we settled on Trello, and it truly is a gamechanger here for us as far as our organization and productivity goes since it works well with how we like things to be laid out.  

Like any digital tool, we found that we wanted to make a few adjustments or changes to our preferences, similar to the way you are with most other productivity apps.  I knew what I wanted to be able to achieve, and that was to not have to click nearly as much, not have open as many cards, and be able to see everything without scrolling left and right as much as I did.  So, I set out to find things that would do just that.


Meet our Fall Creative Founders Conference Speakers - Valerie McKeehan of Lily and Val

This month, we’re going to be sharing about each of our Speakers individually and share more about what each of them will be speaking on for our Fall Creative Founders Conference.

We are starting out this series today with an incredible artist, Valerie McKeehan of Lily and Val!

Valerie joined us for the first time as a Speaker at our 2016 Conference, and we are thrilled that she is returning to join us this fall. Today, we're going to highlight the specific sessions that Valerie will be teaching in addition to sharing a little bit more about her.  Read on to learn more about Val!


Ashley Shelly - Society for Creative Founders Alumni Spotlight

When it comes to planning for your business, have you ever wondered how the people who design the planners you use come to creating the specific items for you?

Or,  are you perhaps wondering what a planner would suggest to help you to plan for your own business?

Well today you are in luck, because we have the incredible Ashley Shelly on the blog for an Alumni Spotlight!


Today on the Blog, I (Kristin) could write you and tell you more about our Conference.  However, today, I want to share thoughts about it from one of our Spring 2018 Attendees, Kelli Cross of Lettered Grace

She joined us for the first time this Spring and will be returning again this Fall as our Conference Encourager.  She is someone who truly transformed through this Experience, and is someone that each of us could learn from.  So today, read what Kelli has to share with you, if you're wanting to join us for our Conference this Fall!


A Smart Goal Setting Guide for Planning and Productivity

There’s something we absolutely love about setting goals.  We love to look ahead and dream about the future, making all sorts of plans, and by speaking it into the world, we think it will automatically shift our brains into gear.

As nice as that would be to actually happen, in order for those goals to come to fruition, we have to put IN the work in the first place.  And this is where the Smart Method to Goal Setting comes in.

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