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GDPR Compliance - What do you need to do?

GDPR Compliance - What You Need to do as a small business owner- Society for Creative Founders

The last few weeks, you may have noticed that there has been a tremendous influx of emails to your inbox with companies telling you they are updating their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.  This week, you are probably going to get even more of these, as this is all for GDPR Compliance, which goes into effect this upcoming Friday, May 25th.


Exciting News About our 2018 Conference Experience

When I think about our Conference, I want it to be a place where all of these things come together beautifully, in a way that changes the way you look at running your business and living your life at the same time, in the best way possible.

So this year, we're doing something new just for you...


Alumni Spotlight: Mallory Coats of Malwest Design + Malwest Market

Mallory Coats of Malwest Design - Alumni Spotlight for Society for Creative Founders

When it comes to making a shift in your business, how do you create your own artistic journey, and build a business you love at the same time? Mallory is here on our blog today talking about exactly that.  As the owner of Malwest Design, she recently launched MalWest Market and today she's sharing a bit about her journey thus far.


2018 Creative Founders Conference - A Note from Kristin

To the 20 women who joined us and the 7 speakers who poured their hearts into the attendees during our 2018 Conference that took place last week, I hope that this week left you feeling changed, uplifted, and more than anything else, ready for the next step that is running an amazing creative business. At a later date we will do a full recap of all of the details, but for today, I wanted to share my thoughts with you in the form of a letter. Enjoy!


Alumni Spotlight:  Kelsey Baldwin of Paper and Oats

Today we are thrilled to continue our Alumni Spotlights on our blog with the incredible Kelsey Baldwin of Paper and Oats!  Each week, we ask our Alumni questions about what they're up to, along with asking them how they would encourage you.  Read below for our mini interview with Kelsey, where shares about her course, her upcoming book, and more!


We have a Fresh Look For our Brand! 

When I think about the Society for Creative Founders, to me it embodies these three things: community, support, and an element of fun built into all of the learning that takes place in this online space. I want it to feel like a conversation between friends, with a bit of whimsy and fun built right in...

Asana for Makers ... A course to help you organize #allthethings

There are so many different tools available these days that you can use within your business to keep things organized.  You can use post-it notes, a notebook or a planner, a digital system, or keep it all in your head. The number one thing is to find a system that works for YOU. 


Five Ways to Become a "Morning Person" for your Business


From many conversations I’ve had with many women who are entrepreneurs, especially mamas, they tell me this is enticing to have 3+ hours a day to yourself other than naptime, but don’t know where to start. So today, this post is all about it!


How to Use Stop Motion Video for your Creative Business

For the last four weeks, Sarah of Signet Sealed has been leading an incredible class all about Stop Motion Video in our Community.  It has been such a great class and those participating are turning out some pretty amazing videos!  Today, we have Sarah on our blog sharing her thoughts on everything regarding this specific topic. 


Eight Ways to Use Video on Social Media for Marketing

When it comes to using video marketing with Social Media in particular, this is one place where you can create a way for your customers to feel more connected to you instantly.  So today, we have eight tips for you to help to get the wheels turning on ways you can use video highlighting your business.


Top Tips to get the most out of your Conference Experience

We have our 11th Annual Conference  taking place eight weeks from now, April 15-18 in Pensacola, Florida! We wanted to write a post today filled with tips to help you to get the most out of your experience while you’re there, whether you are joining us at the Creative Founders Conference or another.

Creating a Loyal League with your Customers and Clients - Guest Post by Shunta Grant

Customers and clients are at the center of every business and the most successful business owners strive not to simply acquire clients, but to create a loyal following that is committed to your brand and all that it represents.  

I call this distinguished group of clients your “loyal league.”

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