Are you looking for educational content that can help you in various aspects of your business, with classes, webinars, and a community all in one? Our Resource Library provides just that! Sign up for a subscription to our continually growing resource library for makers, artists, and designers to give you the knowledge, tools, and education you need to grow your business like a creative founder.

Our Resource Library is available as a way for you to receive all of the past Community content we’ve created, in addition to so much more! It includes recordings to previously taught live classes, webinars, resources, and additional items that we think you’ll find helpful. This is one of the ways we can give you access to a plethora of items we have taught over the years, all organized in a convenient way for you to learn.

When you sign up for a subscription to our Resource Library, you will have immediate access to our
private Community group (yes! This means you immediately bypass the waiting list even if it’s not currently open for new people to join!) and receive new content each month. We dive into specific topics to help you to continually grow your business knowledge, while being surrounded by a Community of women who are right there with you in our private group. This is a supportive group of women filled with ongoing connection and encouragement, providing just what you need in the season you are in.

With a subscription to the Resource Library, you receive:

  • Immediate access to our private community group designed to fit your needs, with daily interactions and conversations designed to help you grow your business wherever you are in your journey

  • Live Class Recordings taught by Kristin and our Conference Alumni on various topics

  • Access to our Webinar Vault which teaches a variety of skills 

  • "Quick Win" activities to help you to learn something new each month and continually improve your knowledge

  • Downloadable worksheets for specific items that are not otherwise available

  • Video walkthroughs showing you how to use different business resources for you to learn how to use them step-by-step

  • All of our blog posts, conveniently organized by pillar to help you to keep track of what you've read, and see what's new

  • An option to sign up for either Group Coaching or One-on-One Coaching with Kristin, with a focus on Goal-Setting, Accountability, and Strategic Planning in order to take the steps necessary to keep your business moving in the direction you want it to go, while having a group of women surrounding you to help you to do it well. 

We believe in the power of an environment where you feel safe to share your struggles and your victories, all while gaining the knowledge and skills you need to move your business forward.

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Society for Creative Founders Conference - Image by Anna Filly