Swashes are My Love Language Print

Swashes are My Love Language Print

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OK. In all honesty, who here hasn’t met a swash they didn’t love? So many times, you can be out at a store, reading a magazine, or watching a television show, and then suddenly, the typography included catches your eye. Or the flourishing style that you created captures your attention instantly. If there are swashes included, it may just make you swoon right there. Be truthful, it’s happened to all of us!

This print was designed to celebrate the swashes and continue our joy to create with them. If you’re a big fan of swashes, we think this one will be simply perfect for you!


  • Available in Berry, Ombre, or Navy with White Ink, (or) on White Paper with Gold Foil

  • Available to purchase in 5x7 or 8x10

  • Colored Prints are on 240# Matte Paper

  • Gold Foil Prints are on 110# Matte Paper

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