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The 2019 Society for Creative Founders Conference

Every year, we bring 25 women together who are artists, makers, and designers in the creative industry for our Conference Experience in a beautiful home on Pensacola Beach, Florida, steps away from the Gulf of Mexico. This is the signature event we have become known for since our beginning in 2011 when we first began as Stationery Academy, and every year the transformations and renewed confidence that occurs in the women who join us during this four day, all inclusive workshop experience are incredible to see take place.

Our Fall 2019 Conference Experience will be our 14th event, and we’ve developed each day with intention to help you gain the clarity and confidence you need to bring your business to the next level, while time to focus in on what matters most built in to each day as well.

Join us this Fall from November 6-9, 2019 in Pensacola Beach, Florida.

Registration opens on March 7th!

As artists, makers, and designers, you’re creative business owners - you're creative founders.

And it’s hard to strike a balance between the creative side of our brain and the logical business side. Finding the time to create a business you love while honing in on the items offered in a way that only you can provide that will make you stand out rather than creating everything you possibly can is incredibly important, but it can be a challenge as well.

So instead of looking at an overall picture to see what matters most, you keep adding more offerings, more products, and putting on more hats in your business, but you’re also finding that by doing so, you’re simply exhausted. Overwhelmed. Burnt out, or simply frustrated because you aren’t in the mindset to plan or know the decisions you need to make to move your business forward. Or, you don’t even know where to begin, so you simply start your business and hope you’ll learn what you need to as you go along.

And you know something needs to change.

As creative entrepreneurs, we need to not only have the time to create our distinct products and services, we also need to be innovative, to adapt, and to have an incredibly strong foundation not only to continue to move our business forward, but keep it growing well, profitable and sustainable. Deciding to let things go and honing in on your why to create a business that will set you apart is not only difficult, but without guidance you may feel it is impossible.

Perhaps you first started your business as one you were incredibly passionate about, and lately you’ve felt a shift happening, and you’re not sure how to fix it to find that passion once more. You may be wondering now how to get reinspired, or how to make the changes you need to build the life you love with a business you love just as much. Time spent at our Conference will help you to do just that.

2019 Society for Creative Founders Conference
Society for Creative Founders Conference
Society for Creative Founders Conference

While we teach mainly on business topics in main sessions when you are here, we also encourage you to think about the life you want to create while you are not building your business.  We are all meant to have an incredible life, and have a business that supports that life, not the other way around.  When you head home from our Conference, you leave not only with an incredible community of women who are there to support you and lift you up while you pursue the dream of a business that has been planted on your heart to do, you also have the tools you need to create a life that you love.

Our Conference is highly attended by women who are stationery designers, calligraphers, Etsy shop owners, graphic designers, artists, creatives and makers. Each woman attending participates in sessions designed with actionable takeaways, joins in engaging discussions, works on business systems and plan, develops a strategy for strategic growth, guidelines to create a strong brand, develop a marketing plan and consistency strategies, strong foundational values and becomes part of an authentic community. 

It makes such a powerful difference when you have people surrounding you who are there to help you think things through as you grow your business ... and we have witnessed the tremendous impact it can make time and time again.

We encourage each and every woman to let your walls down and come as you are, so that we can help you right where you are in your specific season, and you can receive the tools, the knowledge, and the education you need to move your business forward well.


Society for Creative Founders Conference

Our goal is to empower and educate each person who joins us, giving you what you need to create the confidence in yourself as a maker, artist, and designer, while surrounding you with women who understand what it is like to run a creative business.

You’ll be doing a lot of powerful, thought-provoking and mindset-shifting work each day while you’re here, so our experience is all inclusive so that all you need to do is get here, and let us take care of the rest. Every detail is thought of, sweet surprises are nestled in to every day, and meals are even curated to your specific needs as well.  We not only want you to feel pampered and cared for, but also seen for who you are and what you love.

The transformations that happen for the women who join us and then apply what they have learned in their four days here at the Creative Founders Conference is incredible. And we hope you will be joining us for our next experience this fall.

Society for Creative Founders - our main sessions

Our Conference teaches sessions on six main pillars: Core, Client, Brand, Marketing, Money, and Plan.

During each of these sessions, we work with you to give you the tools and knowledge needed to develop an incredible foundation for your business and learn about who you are as an individual, teach you how to create a loved experience for your clients and customers, and help you to understand all aspects of your finances so that you can create a profitable and sustainable business each and every day.  You also learn how to create and elevate your brand and develop about marketing plan, which is in itself such a vital part of running a business, and create a solid plan for everything moving forward so that you know what to work on first and build on next, and can hit the ground running when you get home. Each of these sessions are led by fellow creative entrepreneurs who are experts in these specific aspects of their own businesses.

The Society for Creative Founders Conference is a retreat-like, four-day conference designed to re-focus and re-energize your business goals within a community of like-minded creatives.  This all-inclusive experience will help you find clarity in the dreams you have and guidance from our experts and your peers with an on-going, elite community. You’ll find the answers to so many questions you may have, and you will leave with specific action steps and a business plan for your creative business.  

Your Core - Session at the Society for Creative Founders 2019 Conference
Your Client - Session in the 2019 Creative Founders Conference
Your Brand - Session at the Society for Creative Founders Conference
Your Money - Session at the 2019 Society for Creative Founders Conference
Your Marketing - Session at the Fall 2019 Creative Founders Conference
Your Plan - Society for Creative Founders 2019 Session

We have so much more to share with you in February of 2019! We’ll be sharing all of the details regarding our Fall 2019 Conference with those on our Conference List first, so if you want to know what’s happening this fall, be sure to sign up to stay in the know!

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Our 2019 Society for Creative Founders Conference will be in Pensacola Beach, Florida.

You may notice right away that this is different from the "hotel conference rooms" experience. It is very important that we have a space where we can open the doors and see the beach, have a calm, relaxing atmosphere, and the intimate setting where genuine conversations can naturally unfold. We're striving to develop even closer relationships and late-night conversations with this retreat-like experience, so our Conference takes place in a private beach house we have to ourselves with all the comforts of home. 

We know that a lot of your experience is based on how you can unwind. So, we've set it up in a way that you get to choose if you have one roommate or three determined on the room type you choose when you register.  You can determine what works best for you with the way that you will learn the most here. The expansive balconies, sunset views, comfortable common areas, and having the beach literally right outside of our door will all allow for lots of late night chats in a more comfortable environment after our sessions conclude each day.  


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2019 Creative Founders Conference

Our Conference Speakers will be shared in early 2019. Every one of our speakers as been known each year for being amazing. They each have been in business for at least five years, will be approachable, and genuinely care about your success as a creative entrepreneur.

The women we hand-select as speakers every year are well-versed in private-label products and design with experience in running their own business successfully. You'll be able to cover anything regarding a creative business with our 2019 Speakers - whether it be wholesale, retail, licensing, custom services, or online retail (Etsy, Amazon, or your own online shop). The topics in 2019 will focus heavily on your core, identifying your ideal client, personalizing your branding, developing marketing systems, making a profitable business, and creating a plan to put it all into place, setting you up well for the years to come.

They are with you every day and present in each session, as we feel it is important for you to be able to connect with and get to know them on a personal level too. 

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Use the arrows on the left and right to read through a few testimonials from a few women who have previously attended our Conference.


If you'd like to read even more about our Conference in the form of a blog post that a few of our Attendees have written, click the images below to go directly to their websites to read more about their personal experiences!


Additional details, including dates, speakers, pricing, and specific sessions we will be teaching during our Fall 2019 Conference will be available in February.

If you are interested in learning more when Conference details are available, sign up below. 

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Do you have a specific question about this year’s Conference Experience that is not addressed above? Contact us here!