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Laura Mays - January Masterclass


I love that it’s small. The other group I’m in has thousands of people and it feels like no one hears you. I also love the weekly prompts to do something productive.  

It’s for every business level, not just beginners.  The members are all very much just like me, I feel like I’m constantly learning - I think in the past I’d only take a course if I needed it and hunted it out. I like variety and I like learning about new things that I didn’t even know I needed to learn about - or even when it’s not new to me, revisit the things that I don’t pay enough attention to. It brings all of the ‘some day when I have time” things more to the front of the plate.

Laura Mays, Invited by LaMaworks

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Marianne Stewart - Quarterly Survey

I find the ladies in this group to be extremely informative, generous, friendly, supportive, and pressure-free, and that's exactly what I need. :) PLUS, the knowledge that we all share with and learn from one another (whether it be the conference, intensive, masterclasses, webinars, workshops, etc.) are top-quality and extremely helpful! Even though things for me are slow-going, I'm encouraged to KEEP going!  I love the learning opportunities, membership diversity (though we're all creatives, we're all KINDS of creatives!), resources + recommendations

Marianne Stewart

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