Laura Mays - January Masterclass


I love that it’s small. The other group I’m in has thousands of people and it feels like no one hears you. I also love the weekly prompts to do something productive.  

It’s for every business level, not just beginners.  The members are all very much just like me, I feel like I’m constantly learning - I think in the past I’d only take a course if I needed it and hunted it out. I like variety and I like learning about new things that I didn’t even know I needed to learn about - or even when it’s not new to me, revisit the things that I don’t pay enough attention to. It brings all of the ‘some day when I have time” things more to the front of the plate.

Laura Mays, Invited by LaMaworks

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Brittany - Quarterly Masterclass

I love the community aspect of learning together and sharing with each other.  I like the flexibility to watch and do the learning activities at your own pace while also being encouraged and reminded to actually do the work instead of being left on your own to pace yourself. I love learning and sharing with other like minded business owners within the community.

Brittany Ghio of Farmstead Design Studio

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Kristin WilsonComment
Mallory Coats - Quarterly Survey

I like the monthly structure. The themes carried throughout gives me time to apply it in my business and check out the videos/info in my own time. Learning from other founders in the group is amazing to get to know some people a little better!

Knowing their are resources for education to tap into. There is a supportive community of people and a ton of information from Kristin that helps make my business run more smoothly.

Mallory Coats of Malwest Design

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Kristin WilsonComment
Marianne Stewart - Quarterly Survey

I find the ladies in this group to be extremely informative, generous, friendly, supportive, and pressure-free, and that's exactly what I need. :) PLUS, the knowledge that we all share with and learn from one another (whether it be the conference, intensive, masterclasses, webinars, workshops, etc.) are top-quality and extremely helpful! Even though things for me are slow-going, I'm encouraged to KEEP going!  I love the learning opportunities, membership diversity (though we're all creatives, we're all KINDS of creatives!), resources + recommendations

Marianne Stewart

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