Community Pledge

As a member of the Society for Creative Founders, pledge to… 

- be an encourager and cheerleader for the my fellow members and to engage authentically

- not have a negative attitude, bash vendors or other creatives

- openly share my knowledge and expertise were applicable

- not sell any of my own services or ask for paid coaching, but let those relationships build naturally

- do all that I can to help and respond to the questions that are posted by my fellow members

- prompt conversations when things are quiet and help build a positive and sharing community

- to read and abide by the Membership Guidelines below


Membership Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all members of the Society for Creative Founders (“SCF”). The Community offers a place to share information and inspiration with each other participants in SCF in a positive, supportive way. To maintain the spirit of our Group, we ask the following of all members:

1. Be kind, courteous, and tolerant. In other words, treat others as you wish to be treated. Any posts or comments that are negative, unkind, or intolerant will be deleted by the Group Administrator(s) (GA).

2. Be supportive and generous. SCF loves to know what you’re working on, but focus as much (if not more so) on sharing your support and wisdom and encouraging other Community members.

3. Be legal and ethical. Do not share any content (written or image) that violates another person or entity’s intellectual property rights, and attribute content creation to the appropriate party.

4. Respect other Community members. Don’t re-use or re-purpose another member’s content in any format or on any platform without first asking that member’s express permission.

5. Ask permission before posting sponsorship opportunities. Contact the GA before sharing any opportunities with the SCF regarding sponsorships. Our Community is primarily for mutual support and encouragement of our Community members, and is not a promotional platform.

6. To not share the content from this Community outside of the Community. The monthly resources and content you receive as part of this exclusive forum are proprietary and should only be used by members of this Community and specific levels of membership. Please do not share them outside of your membership level or the Community. We’ve worked hard to bring you these exclusive resources to help you grow your business.

If you have any questions about the Community Rules and how they apply to your behavior, or if you believe any SCF member has violated any of these guidelines, please contact us immediately. Violation of any of these guidelines is grounds for removal from SCF, at the sole discretion of SCF.

Use this community to your advantage! Don’t be shy and please be welcoming. Remember: give, give, give, get. Help your fellow members and the favors will be returned full-fold!