Successfully Selling Your Products at Craft Shows and Holiday Markets with Amy Kinslow - Join us for the Live class in August 2018

August 2018 Class: Successfully Selling Your Products at Craft Shows + Holiday Markets with Amy Kinslow

August 29, 2018 at 10:00am CST

Pricing:   $79 for Early Registration available from August 15-19
**Goes up to $99 on August 20th!

Registration Opens:  August 15th at 12:00pm CST
*The first 10 to sign up will receive our Creative Founders Notebook!

Class Details:
This will be a *live* 90 minute class delivered in a webinar format.

Our classes are 100% pitch-free from beginning to end.  We won't ask you to sign up for anything else, we'll be sharing all of the knowledge that we have, and answering questions during the Q+A Session as time allows. We will mention our Fall Conference because Amy is one of our Fall Conference Speakers, but that'll be it. ;)

This webinar will also be available for you to watch or rewatch for 7 days after it airs! You’ll be able to watch it anytime in it’s entirety until September 5th at 12:00pm CST, so if you can't join us for the live class, register to receive access to the replay after it takes place, or review it at a later day in the week when it works well for you.

Class Summary:
Selling your products at holiday and craft shows is a great way to expand your brand, get instant feedback, and turn a quick profit.  Amy Kinslow, owner of Southern Fried Design Barn, has exhibited at over 40 different shows, and has years of experience selling her designs at both small and large scale shows.  Learn her most profitable selling tips, how to gain returning customers, and her holiday schedule strategy.  In addition, she'll share what she has learned from other entrepreneurs in the world of craft and holiday shows.

What We'll Cover:
‣ How to find the right show for your business. This may sound simple, but there's truly a strategy to it!

‣  Learn profitable actions for seasonal and yearly shows. Amy will share how she was able to double her sales at her largest holiday show and what has lost her sales as well.

‣  How to successfully exhibit while working a full-time job.  For 6 years, Amy exhibited while working a corporate 5 day a week job.  Learn how she did it and what to expect if you're doing the same.

‣  Understand credit card processing and utilizing features to their fullest.

‣  Learn how Amy is gearing up for her 2018 holiday show season.  She'll be exhibiting at over 10 shows in just 15 short weeks. She'll share her top tips and strategy to make this her most profitable holiday season yet!

In addition, enjoy a live Q+A with Amy and Kristin and get immediate feedback from them and the webinar group.  If you're planning to exhibit at any type of craft fair or holiday market this upcoming 4th quarter, you are not going to want to miss this online webinar, that you can join from anywhere!

Society for Creative Founders Class Registration

The first 10 people who sign up for this class will receive a Creative Founders Notebook, which is otherwise currently only available if you attend our Conference! 
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Amy Kinslow of Southern Fried Design Barn
About Amy Kinslow

Ever since she had the opportunity to work at her local stationery store in high school, Amy Kinslow, owner of Southern Fried Design Barn, knew she wanted to be connected to this field of work. Soon after graduating college with a degree in graphic design, Amy attended the first ever Creative Founders Conference in 2011 with a small idea and a big dream. The conference kick started her business in late 2011. 

In the years to follow with SFDB, she would create over 15 different brand collections, including over 200 unique products, exhibit at the National Stationery Show, exhibit at America’s largest wholesale market, Americasmart, gain over 150+ retailers and work with over 40+ representatives who have sold her product line and continue to today. 

In addition, she has raised over $10,000 in fundraiser efforts, had 8 nationwide magazines showcase her product and exhibited at 40+ holiday and craft markets. 

Amy draws inspiration from the southern vocabulary of her close family, vintage signs and her life growing up on a farm. SFDB’s design aesthetic consist of her original photography and illustrations. Alongside building her own business, she’s had the opportunity to work as a designer for top corporations such as, Country Music Television, Tractor Supply Company, and C.R. Gibson where she designed products for Paper Source, TJ Maxx, JoAnn’s and Target.

Amy will soon be embarking on her busiest holiday season yet this 4th quarter, exhibiting at over 10 shows in 15 short weeks. She is excited to give back today and share her years of knowledge in the craft show and holiday market industry. In addition, to answering live any questions you have!