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 If you are in need of tools, programs, and resources to help you to run your business, you’ve come to the right place! Each one of the resources shown below have been used by us and is trusted by fellow creative entrepreneurs to help to run their businesses.

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Some of the links shared are affiliate links, which means that we may receive a small compensation for sharing about these Resources, which is at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting the Society for Creative Founders in this way so that we can continue to provide you with the products and services you need to continue to grow your business beautifully!

Society for Creative Founders - Automation Tools and Programs

Email Marketing: ConvertKit

With Convertkit, you can create sequences, broadcasts, forms, and leadpages, while “tagging” your subscribers automatically to deliver content to them they are interested in, and even tag them by products that they have purchased from you so that you don’t send them an email for a product they already own.

It’s easy to learn, and we love that you can also fully customize templates so that your branding is cohesive throughout each email you send.

Sign up here and receive 14 days free!

Digital Planning: Trello

If you love to have things organized into post-it like lists that are powerful, you may love Trello! You can organize tasks and enable things to work well for you, especially on a team. This is what we use for planning our Conference and love how it’s easy for everyone to learn!

To learn more about Trello, take our class here, or read about our favorite Chrome plug-ins here!

Financial Tracking: Quickbooks

Quickbooks keeps track of all things financial. You organize things by category, and using Quickbooks makes life so much easier come tax time. Everything is organized by category, so that you can see how much income, expenses, and more you have each year.

Sign up through this link and receive 50% off your first 6 months of Quickbooks Online or Quickbooks Self-Employed!

If you’d like to learn more about organizing your financial systems outside of using Quickbooks, take our class here!

Digital Planning: Asana

Asana is an incredible tool for digital planning. You can easily organize projects and assign due dates to each tasks. Our preference is to keep it on a calendar view to see everything at once. This is what we use for daily + long-term planning.

To learn more about Asana, take this skills packed class by Paper + Spark!

Contracts: The Contract Shop

If you will be doing work with clients and customers, especially for custom work or collaborations, there are many times you will need a contract. We love how in-depth and detailed The Contract Shop Contracts are specifically for this purpose to keep both you and your clients and customers protected!

Automation Tool: Zapier

Let’s say that you have someone do one thing and you then want to then have the details added to another program automatically (say, receive an Etsy order and have a Trello card created, etc). Use Zapier to “zap” it between programs with ease, to be more productive and definitely more organized!

Pinterest Automation: Tailwind

Tailwind will help you to automate your Pinterest (and Instagram, if you choose!) with ease. Schedule pins, join team boards, and see analytics to see when your pins best “perform”, so that you can consistently be having your product/blog post images pinned automatically when your customers + clients are most on Pinterest.

Follow this link here to receive one month of Tailwind for free!

Social Media Planning: Planoly

Planoly is a social media planning tool we love. With a grid-like setup, you can drag and drop images for your feed, type up captions, store hashtags, and review analytics. You can upload stories as well, including the captions you’d like to include there as well!

You can set up Planoly to automatically posted to your account, or receive a notification when it’s time to post. If you’re posting to more than one account, they have a multi-account plan that is seamless to switch between!

Stock Photography: Haute Stock

Haute Stock is a stock photography company which will help you to maintain consistency with professional images for . you to use for your website, social media, email headers, and more. With categories and an incredibly responsive search bar, you can search by color, type, keyword, and more, to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Scheduling: Acuity

Gone are the days of back and forth emails with “how about this day, or are you free that day” etc. etc. With Acuity (which is also free for Squarespace users!), send one link with one email and your clients can book appointments with you with ease.

Learn more about the details about Acuity here in this blog post.

Invoicing and Contracts: Dubsado

Create a completely customized experience for your leads + clients by using Dubsado. Brand it beautifully to your business, while having everything you need for quotes, invoices, contracts, and more all in one place.

Sign up here for a free trial for up to 3 clients with Dubsado!

Invoicing + Contracts: 17Hats

17Hats is a powerful program which also you can create a seamless process for your potential clients and customers, while also having everything in one place for quotes, invoices, contracts, and more. There is also an app so that you can do things on-the-go!

Sign up for 17Hats here, and receive 10% off when you sign up for an annual plan!

Label Printing for Mailing:

Never stand in line at a post-office again! Purchase a Dymo 4xl Label Printer to have all labels printed professionally and never have to use packing tape or scissors to cut labels again (🙌), by using for all of your needs.

If you’re new to, use code C-5JTB-S7Z at this link here, and you will get a $100 offer which includes a digital scale, $45 in printing credits, and a free 4-week trial!

*Bonus Tip: After everything is ready to ship, schedule a pickup with USPS so that you don’t have to stand in the post-office lines to ship your packages!

Etsy Listing Updates: Vela

Gone are the days of updating Etsy listings one by one! Use Vela to bulk edit your listings, change product titles, images, update wording, and more!

Yearly Planning: Powersheets

We love using Powersheets every year to keep track of the big picture, focus in on what matters most, and keep track of our day-to-day habits we want to improve upon.

Society for Creative Founders - Printing and Packaging

Packaging and Supplies: Nashville Wraps

If you are looking for packaging and supplies that make your business stand out with professionalism and quality, Nashville Wraps will have everything you need!

These boxes that we used for our Spring 2018 Conference were actually macaron boxes that we took the “food” insert out of … we love that they were high quality and the window boxes displayed the items inside beautifully!

Printing: Printswell Fulfillment

Printswell Fulfillment offers an amazing variety of printing types and methods for all of your printing needs. Offering anywhere from flat printing to foil on a variety of paper types, this is the printing company we use the most for our Conference!

Our favorite paper type? The 220# Eggshell double thick paper. It’s beautifully thick, and especially with a dark ink flood it looks glorious!

Dropshipping: Printed Mint

When it comes to dropshipping and having your brand represented well, Printed Mint has you covered! They offer a variety of products that you can have drop-shipped where you can order 1 or 20 at a time, with custom packaging both on the inside and out, which is sure to amaze your customers with every order they receive!

These loved mugs are the 15oz version from Printed Mint, and they’re our go-to faves!

Paper and Envelopes: Announcement Converters

For paper and envelopes in every color you could potentially need or want to use, Announcement Converters is an amazing company to work with. They offer custom sizes if you need them cut along with a plethora of different paper types to have on hand for paper and envelopes.

These swatch decks are amazing to have on hand to see all options available to you (and are also shown in detail here in this image)!

Dropshipping: Printful

For custom design dropshipped printing on a variety of textiles, Printful is a wonderful on-demand print company to use!

They print on tote bags, apparel, canvases, and so much more, with everything turning out beautifully every single time. You can print designs for yourself or sell designs online, with direct integrations with Etsy, Shopify, Squarespace, Shipstation, and more!

Letterpress and Foil Printing: Czar Press

Do you have a custom printing project in mind that you want to turn out impeccable each and every time? Czar Press has you covered! They offer printing on a variety of surfaces, and are happy to work with you for custom printing, especially for letterpress + foil work.

Do you remember seeing this amazing split-fountain duplexed cotton letterpress print with edge-painting that we have loved giving to our Conference attendees the last two years? Yes, these were from Czar Press!

Tog.Ink - Favorite Business Resources from Society for Creative Founders

Invitation and Napkin Printing: Tog.Ink

Tog.Ink is an incredible printing company offering flat digital printing, letterpress, foil, and even thermography for your printing needs!

You upload your custom designs and they take care of the rest, and it’s set up in a way that you can see what your proofs look like with ease when uploading them for printing!

Society for Creative Founders - additional resources

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