Where Are They Now :: Marianne Mandrell

Name: Marianne Callis Mandrell 

Company: Modern Marianne

Class of: 2012 

What have you been up to since graduating from Stationery Academy?

After attending Stationery Academy in July 2012, I took some time to really digest everything I'd learned. I knew that my brand needed some work in order to accommodate my long-term goals and to be more true to my style, but I needed to do some more "soul-searching" and really examine my dreams to decide which route to take. It took me until springtime to decide! Now I'm nearly ready launch my new brand, Modern Marianne, in October 2013. I'm so excited to share it! Modern Marianne truly reflects who I am and where I'm going.

How did attending Stationery Academy affect your business?

The time I spent at Stationery Academy helped me to focus on what I ultimately want for my company, who I truly am and what I stand for, and how those things overlap to form a successful business. StatAcad helped me realize that my company as it currently existed wasn't living up to it's potential. I was doing many things right, but I wasn't being true to myself or my style, which in the end was leaving me very unenthusiastic about my work. (If anyone should be excited about my work, it should be me, right?!?) After taking some time for introspection and re-alignment, I'm happy to say that my new brand is truly "me." I'm proud of my work, and feel that my modern, urban style has a unique place in this ginormous stationery market. Stationery Academy was a major catalyst for boosting my business to its full potential.

What was the most valuable lesson you learned - what was your "ah-ha" moment?

“Staying true to yourself never goes out of style." This hit home with me because I was in the midst of a style-identity-crisis. I was struggling between serving the market at hand (the predominant style in my local area is sooooooo not my own!) and creating work true to my own style. Well, I got my answer! While my client experience will continue to reflect my roots in southern hospitality, my visual style is straight out of the big city. It's who I am, and I want to be nothing if not authentic.

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Thank you, Marianne! We're highlighting a few of our alums from 2012 and 2011 to see what they have been up to since Stationery Academy. Their journeys are inspiring and proof that Stationery Academy is more than a conference -- it's a game changer.


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