Where Are They Now :: Caroline Creates

Name: Caroline Hull

Company: Caroline Creates

Class of: 2012


What have you been up to since graduating from Stationery Academy?

Immediately following the Stationery Academy, I completely rebranded my business and started creating stationery and invitations that are a true reflection of my style and who I am. This included putting an emphasis on eco-friendly stationery and gift products. I developed an eco wedding collection and was also able to exhibit at the National Stationery Show in the statacad booth. I'm super excited to be launching a holiday line this year that includes recycled greeting cards, gift tags and wrapping paper! I have plans to continue expanding and adding to these lines.

How did attending Stationery Academy affect your business?

Stationery Academy was a complete game changer for me. I was pretty confused about what to do next and felt my business was stagnate. I also wasn't happy with my work. I realized that if I was going to continue in this industry, I needed to design and sell stationery that I absolutely loved! Whitney, Natalie, and Emily really encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and really think about where my company was going. I went home, rebranded and started building a business I could really get behind. I feel my business has really grown and the opportunities I have received have been amazing. This has all happened because Stationery Academy really encouraged me to be "me" in everything I do! I can never thank them enough.

What was the most valuable lesson you learned - what was your "ah-ha" moment?

Learning about signature style and branding was huge for me. My ah-ha moment was definitely when I realized my brand was not a reflection of who I was. Realizing this and implementing a new strategy has changed my business in more ways than I can count!

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Thank you, Caroline! We're highlighting a few of our alums from 2012 and 2011 to see what they have been up to since Stationery Academy. Their journeys are inspiring and proof that Stationery Academy is more than a conference -- it's a game changer.