Too many ideas, not enough time! Goal setting for creatives.

This is a four-part series that is a part of the "My 2017 Plan" FounderClass. To learn more, read this post. To join in, register here and get both the pre-class workbook and the Class Cheatsheet (25 pages of awesome content to go from 1,001 ideas to your best ideas!). You can read Lesson 1 here.

Go from 1,001 ideas to getting clarity for the best ideas to execute by developing a clear direction for your business so you know where to go next.


Plus, learn how to go from overwhelm to in control and from uncertainty to clarity with our goal setting and year-end planning process.

As we enter into the holiday season, you’ve filled your online or Etsy shop with cards or gifts and hopefully orders are flying in. At home, your decorations are going up and you’re getting your holiday shopping lists prepared (anyone like to decorate early, like me?).

I know you’ve worked hard over the past few months to get ready for this time of year - lots of prep and planning.

Because of all that, it’s hard to find the time you need to focus on goal setting and planning for your business. Maybe you’re still so caught up in the hustle and bustle of filling orders and getting your family ready for the season that you’ve sort of put off getting your plan together or rushed through it all together.

Or, maybe your shop isn’t as busy as you’d hoped and you’re busy shifting things and promoting like crazy to see if you can get some of that product off the shelves. (If that is you, I promise, we’ve all been there!)

It can be hard to figure out what trends to follow and what will sell the best. It’s hard to know where to start and which ideas to pick to execute because you have 1,001 ideas that seem pretty awesome.

too many ideas, not enough time! Goal setting and yearly planning for creative business owners

How do you know which ones to take action on?

And because you may have a half finished plan - or a full plan you’re unsure of - you’ll start to feel it 6 months through next year; like your business has a mind of its own and you’re just trying to keep up!

You end up flying by the seat of your pants at some point, then reach burn out status before you even realize it. Then, when you do find the time to be creative, you aren’t feeling it.


How many of us have abandoned our yearly plan 3 or 6 months into the year because it didn’t seem to be working?


Maybe you’re at a point where you just want to know what is going to sell next year.

Maybe you’re at a point where it’s time to really buckle down and push path a growth plateau.

Maybe you’re dreaming of a day full of just creating and you can leave the “administrative business stuff” to someone else.


Those dreams may seem far from reach now, and there is all this messy stuff in the middle of trying to get there. How do you find clarity and know which is the shortest path to your dreams?


With more clarity, you’ll not only know what to work on, but you’ll...

  • also give you more time and a better work/life balance
  • know you can trust yourself to do the work to actually get there
  • also know what products to produce because they align with your goals
  • also have a roadmap to follow instead of flying by the seat of your pants


Right now, you may feel overwhelmed, feel burnt out, frustrated you aren’t in the mindset to plan, stuck, or uninspired. A group of women I coached last week all felt this way - it seems like something in the air!


What I can tell you is that it isn’t something in the air…

  • it isn’t because you picked the wrong trend to create a line around
  • it isn’t because your creative ADD is kicking in (well, maybe it is, but we can help you avoid those “squirrel! moments”)
  • it isn’t because this is “just the life of a creative business owner it” and you need to get used to it  (working 12-hour days and are still checking email from the dinner table)


It’s actually that you created your plan wrong because you…

  • started with trends instead of goal setting
  • aren’t working on meaningful tasks that get you closer to your goals
  • haven’t spend the time to write out your business vision
  • haven’t done the hard work to create your life vision
  • get off course because you let those goals and plan slip down your to-do list

Go from 1,001 ideas to clarity and goal setting for stationers, illustrators, Etsy shop owners and designers.

It's easy to let things like meaningful productivity, creating goals and visions - and making sure you're following through with them - fall down the priority list because they aren’t on a strict deadline or a rush order that needs to go out. 

So, one thing that drives me nuts is when a “business coach” tells you to, “make sure you do all these things and you’ll reach your dreams” and then doesn’t actually tell you how to do these things. And when they say, “follow and copy my plan and how I did it, and it will work for you too!”

We do “business planning for the year”and goal setting a bit differently here at Society For Creative Founders. I not only tell you exactly how to do these things, but also in a way that works for you and your business. Not some cookie cutter plan or steps. Not some series of hands-off  lessons.

It takes some hard work, due diligence, and commitment from you, but when you’re finished, you’ll feel in control, excited, and refreshed.


Why does this process work? Our process...

  • forces you to get it done in four days in a series of small, bite-sized lessons.
  • immerses you in the process and gives you a specific plan and roadmap to follow.
  • helps you develop habits to work on meaningful tasks that you know are help you reach your goals.
  • leaves you with set goals and a clear direction for your business so you know where to go next.
  • doesn’t leave you with a ton of work to do afterward - we do the work during our workshops.


We don’t talk at you and leave with you with a ton of homework afterward. I work through every step with you so you have a plan that you’re confident in and you finish with a roadmap so you know exactly what direction to go. You get feedback on your plan and help along the way, specifically for you.


I know you want to feel excited and productive next year, and have clarity and confidence in where your creative business is going.


Having a plan will help you…

  • know what ideas to to execute
  • make decisions more easily
  • know where to spend or invest money
  • commit to decisions and follow through
  • use your time more efficiently and effectively


You’ll know when you hit that “squirrel moment”, and be able to go back to meaningful tasks so you know you are moving the needle on things, and not feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

Which is why we created a free challenge just for stationers, Etsy shop owners, illustrators, and designers looking to narrow their focus to executing their best ideas well.


Join the "My 2017 Plan" FounderClass.

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Then, save the date for a live workshop on January 12th at 11am Eastern/8am Pacific, where we’ll help you pull all the work you’ve done into a real plan for 2017. We’ll walk through the steps together and you’ll leave with clarity for what ideas to execute next year.

Plus, you’ll be a part of our Facebook group where I’ll hold you capable of doing the work, setting your goals, and giving you individual feedback on your plan.

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Planning and goal setting for your business doesn’t have to take weeks and doesn’t have to feel forced. Our strategy helps you figure out what will work for you and your business and not force you into a cookie-cutter business plan.

Join the free "My 2017 Plan" FounderClass.

The "My 2017 Plan" FounderClass will help stationers, Etsy shop owners, illustrators, and designers from 1,001 ideas to getting clarity for the best ideas to execute by developing a clear direction for your business so you know where to go next.

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