Thinking of going wholesale? Do this first. A webinar for local shows.

Are you a creative business owner who has always wanted to scale your business with visions of your product on shelves across the country?


Wholesale is, for some, a big mystery; and for some, it is a great opportunity to start big and jump right in with the national shows.


The investment and commitment is very overwhelming if you start out with the big shows, and it can put you in major debt… quickly.


If you have thought about “going wholesale” and the big shows are making you a bit nervous, smaller local shows are a great first step into wholesale.


Having a booth at the craft shows, barn sales, and holiday markets will get you familiar with the wholesale lifestyle, without the huge investment, but with all the reward.


Exhibiting at a local show will give you the experience you need to decide whether or not you want to be in the wholesale business or not.


If you do decide to go wholesale, you’ll be very prepared. If you don’t, then you’ve had a lot of fun and made some money along the way with retail shows.


We’ve all shopped these sorts of shows. When you walk by booths, you immediately decide whether or not you will go in based on what it looks like.


If a booth is cluttered or if the product lines are not well thought out, people will keep walking. If you don’t have the payment system working correctly, people won’t wait in line to pay and walk away.


And then after the show, some organizations will require paperwork for tax purposes.


Bottom line is, you can’t just show up with a tablecloth and your product. :)


Will you be prepared?


Plan now so you are prepared later.


If you are thinking of “going wholesale” or want to scale your retail business in a local, more organic way, exhibiting at these craft shows, barn sales, and holiday markets is a great way to get started!


Many are taking applications now, so you’ll need to get started with your planning. Amy's upcoming webinar is a great way to do that.


Amy Kinslow, a Stationery Academy alum, has exhibited at over 20 local shows in just 3 years (in addition to the big ones like AmericasMart and National Stationery Show too).




She’ll be sharing with you all her secrets, tips, and tricks to making these shows successful for you – things she learned the hard way, like:
  • Keeping track of inventory and sales per hour.
  • Handling credit card fees and sales tax.
  • Creating profitable actions for seasonal and yearly shows.
  • Finding local and nationwide shows with your target audience.
  • Implementing booth show etiquette.
  • Successfully exhibiting with a full-time side job.
  • Creating sales long after the show.


Don’t show up with a tablecloth, your credit card reader, and your hopes and dreams! Sign up to learn how you can make $5,000-$10,000 in just one weekend, while also opening up a new revenue stream in your business.


The Successfully Selling Your Products at Holiday Markets, Craft Shows, and Barn Sales webinar is on August 18 from 11A.M.-12:30P.M. CST. If you can’t make the live session, a recording is available only to those who register. We’ll be giving away some fun swag from our Phoenix session during the live Q&A.


Don’t wait to plan your fall and winter shows – if you have been putting it off, it may be too late to exhibit in 2015 if you don’t start now.