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Working with a Photographer to Elevate your Visual Brand

As creative business owners, we fall into a very unique space.  We are all consumers ourselves and so we know that consumers won’t buy what they can’t see.  We know that people are very visually oriented, especially when it comes to pretties, creative goods & art.  We also know that we generally only have a handful of seconds to convince people to slow their scroll and pay attention to what it is we’re selling.

Our imagery should tell an authentic & cohesive story across every space that our ideal consumers visit, whether it be our websites or our social media feeds, as these spaces are the “face” of our brand & our products. 

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Eight Ways to Use Video for Marketing on Social Media

When it comes to using video marketing with Social Media in particular, this is one place where you can create a way for your customers to feel more connected to you instantly. So today, we have seven tips for you to help to get the wheels turning on ways that you can use video highlighting your business.

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Creating an Instagram Grid - Our Experience

The quintessential, "perfect" Instagram grid.  When you hear this phrase, what comes to mind? Excitement? Frustration?  A desire to try it for yourself?  A few weeks ago, we decided to create an intricate but easily flowing grid for our Instagram.  We did an experiment for 30 days, and wanted to share our results with you below to help you think about what’s truly important for your own business.  We would love to hear what you think about it from our experience, so after reading, please share your thoughts with us on in the comments below!

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