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Spring Creative Founders Conference, Day 3 Recap!

This is one of my favorite days every year we have our Conference, because it's the day we have the most aha moments - the day that we take everything that has been learned in the last few days and combine it all together to make a plan moving forward, the day that we celebrate all of the hard work that has been done and get ready for what happens next ... the hard work of being a business owner is never complete, but this day is one that sets up everyone so well for the days that follow after they return home.

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Alumni Spotlight: Ashley Shelly

When it comes to planning for your business, have you ever wondered how the people who design the planners you use come to creating the specific items for you?

Or,  are you perhaps wondering what a planner would suggest to help you to plan for your own business?

Well today you are in luck, because we have the incredible Ashley Shelly on the blog for an Alumni Spotlight!

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Adventure, Traveling, and Keeping it all Organized

In honor of Small Business Saturday coming up, we are sharing thirty gift items from a few of our SCF Alumni, to help you to think of creative, fun, holiday, or happy gift ideas for so many people on your list. On Day 1 we specifically focused on items for the holidays and for gifts you can personalize.  See those here!

Today, Day 2, we are specifically focusing on items to keep you organized, in addition to highlighting pieces for the travelers!

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