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Alumni Spotlight: Ashley Shelly

When it comes to planning for your business, have you ever wondered how the people who design the planners you use come to creating the specific items for you?

Or,  are you perhaps wondering what a planner would suggest to help you to plan for your own business?

Well today you are in luck, because we have the incredible Ashley Shelly on the blog for an Alumni Spotlight!

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Alumni Spotlight - Kelly Parker Smith on the Flexibility of Being a Creative Business Owner

As part of our new SCF Community, we've asked a few members to be SCF Advisors. They're here to help you out if you have questions and to encourage the Creative Founders in our community. We'll be introducing them to you here every week. First up is Kelly Parker Smith, a SCF Course alum, who is the designer behind the gorgeous stamps at Hello World Paper Co. Get to know a bit more about Kelly below:

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