Do you want a successful creative business? Focus on your Core!

Do you want a successful creative business? Guest post by Suzi Istvan for Society for Creative Founders

I hear it from creative business owners over and over again:

“My industry is saturated- I feel like just one of many people who do what I do.”“I don’t stand out in a way that’s memorable.”

“My work is good but I’m having trouble finding clients.”

“I feel like I’m doing EVERYTHING with no real purpose or plan.”

“I started this business because I love my craft- but now I feel drained.”

The truth is, solving these all-too-common woes requires stepping back to examine the foundation you’ve built your business on. At the Society for Creative Founders, we call this your CORE...and knowing (and loving) your core is absolutely essential for building a successful and profitable creative brand.

Which is why we’ll be diving in deeply to this topic at the 2018 Creative Founders Conference.

But I’ll let you in on a secret now… What makes your business better than any other one out there? Even the ones that seem similar? Why, the secret ingredient is YOU!

Think of the brands that you love buying from. The ones that you anticipate the next release in advance, that you feel great giving your money to, that you connect with beyond a transactional level. In fact, if that brand has competition, you’re not even aware of it because you don’t want to buy from anyone else. And you love to share this brand with your friends, because you know they’ll love it as much as you do.

What are these brands doing right? They’ve got a solid core, my friend. They know where they came from, what they are great at doing, what business model helps them thrive (and that their customers love). They know what products makes sense to offer next and where to offer them- in fact, they have a pretty good idea of what will sell before it even hits the shelves. And they know their values, their story, and a vision for where the company is going.

And more importantly, you, their loyal customer, know all of this, too.

The beautiful part about a brand core (and part of why I love doing the work I do), is this isn’t reserved for big industry players, or celebrity brands, or corporations. Anyone can create a healthy business core and communicate it to their customers.

Give your brand a quick checkup to see if your core is healthy:

What are you the BEST at in the world? Are you using that superpower in your business?

What is your origin story? (how did you discover/get good at/start a business with the work that you do?) Is that evident in your work or your brand?

Are you spending most of your time in your business on tasks you find enjoyable AND that make you money?

When you look at the business you want to have in 5 years/10 years/20 years...are you excited about the vision? Or is it cloudy and murky?

These questions should give you a great basic starting point for digging into the core of your business and brand. Remember, the key to a successful creative business that your customers LOVE to buy from is your personal magic that can’t be replicated by any other brand. Make sure you’re exploring, nurturing, and building upon that magic every step of the way.