Stationery & Gift Product 101 at Inspired


In early 2012, I attended the very first Inspired here in Nashville. I did not know Amber very well at the time. Honestly, I was scared because we were both in the wedding invitation industry in Nashville, and I thought it might be weird.

Turns out, there were about 5 other stationery designers there too. I had never been to a creative conference like Inspired. My world had been in healthcare and technology marketing for 7 years at that point and conferences were not...well...this pink!

I was worried that because I had attended all these huge marketing and business conferences for work that I may not learn anything new. Boy, was I wrong. In so many ways.

Amber is honestly the person I have to thank for my involvement with Stationery Academy. She encouraged me to attend in 2012 after I missed out on the first session. There, I met so many wonderful and inspiring women who were just like me.

Inspired was the first reason this shy and uncertain girl took a leap of faith and made some important decisions with my business that have paid off today.

I am so excited to be heading to Inspired 2015 presented by Amber Housley this April and can't wait to learn from the other experts too.

The venue is gorgeous! I live just about an hour from Evins Mill and my husband and I often spend weekends there as a retreat. The chef is a local guy who left home to learn his craft, but returned to a place he loves - his food is amazing!  It is just as peaceful and serene as it looks in the pictures and is a place that allows you to step away from a life of "being busy" to focus on your business and making connections with 30 other women who are just like you.

If you are in a creative business, and you most likely are if you are reading this email, I encourage you to choose a creative conference to attend soon. We don't endorse just any conference - we truly believe in Amber and Inspired because she has a proven track record and brings in top talent to speak. (I still can't believe I am in the line up!)

Most of you are stationery designers who have not attended Stationery Academy yet, but if you are looking for a conference experience like ours, that focuses on a wider range of topics and industries, I really hope you'll attend Inspired.

I'll be speaking about Stationery and Gift Product 101 and how you can either get started on the right path to success in the industry or get the guidance and advice you need to grow your current stationery and/or gift business.

My Learning Objectives:

  • an understanding of the current State of the Industry and where you fit into it
  • how to develop a strong Signature Style (a must in our industry!)
  • how to building a cohesive collection
  • learning the different printing processes
  • how to price your product for profit (this is where it all starts!)
  • give you resources for additional learning, printing, or production

Learn more about Inspired, a one of a kind business and lifestyle retreat for creative women entrepreneurs:

Registrations are limited to only 30 seats to allow for close connections, relationship building and access to speakers and fellow attendees. Early bird registration rate ends next week, and it usually sells out quickly.

Plus, you can get $200 off your registration through Stationery Academy using the coupon code "STATACAD" plus we're giving away a 1 hour coaching call to anyone who registers through us for free. We can chat about anything business, even if you aren't in the stationery and gift industry. 

I hope to meet you there!

xoxo, Jennifer

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