Stationery Academy Phoenix Recap (a very personal post from Jennifer)

Thinking back to a week ago today, I was waking up with nerves in a Phoenix hotel room. I feel like I needed a week to process last week and how amazing it was. A week ago today was the day the Stationery Academy conference started and Cara McGrady, of One Swell Studio, and I had a lot to do before the attendees arrived.




We put the finishing touches on the room, finished up the slides, ate lunch, and then went to get blow outs at the salon next door. It was the perfect way to force us to relax and focus before a busy and full 3 days.

The first day of Stationery Academy is always interesting. We are all nervous; comparing our business to others, wondering who roomies will be, worried about what people will think of us, and if this investment will be worth it or not.

The first day of our conference. Jennifer (owner/president of SA) setting the tone of the day.


I can tell you right now, that God was at work in these women’s lives and hearts. Stationery Academy doesn’t brand itself as a “Christian conference”, but this year it was more evident than ever that He brought people to this event for purpose. His timing couldn’t have been better.


I hope some of them will share their stories and how their decision to attend Stationery Academy has impacted their journey.


This group of women was absolutely amazing. When I asked them to be vulnerable, open, and honest, they didn’t hold back. They took a leap with me and it was beautiful. I feel so honored that they trusted me and the other speakers, and to learn and grow in their business, personal journey, and for some, their faith.


Coming to a conference where you don’t know a soul is very intimidating. I can tell you that everyone left with 23 new best friends and a full heart. No one has ever left without that at Stationery Academy – we make sure of it.


The Summer Class of 2015!


What I told them at the graduation dinner is this: “In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision. – Peter F. Drucker  You made a courageous decision to come to Stationery Academy. Now, go make more courageous decisions for your business. No one ever did great things in their comfort zones. Choose to be courageous.”




I prayed over each of these women when the registered. That I would seat them next to the right people, pair them with the right roommate, that they would learn, that they would get so much out of this experience, and that they would leave with a truly connected and tight-knit community. This community will be the air under their wings while they sore to reach their goals and dreams.


We all know each other's story, journey, successes, and struggles. We really know each other on a personal level. We're real friends, not internet friends (like my friend Nicole says).


Stationery Academy is so much more than a conference. In my experience from the “corporate world”, many conferences are a place to learn a bit and network. Maybe you take something back with you to implement in your work processes and maybe you meet some people you keep in touch with while there.
But, I don’t think they change your life like Stationery Academy does. Stationery Academy is more than just a conference. It is more than learning and networking.
The content is so great - and our speakers are a big part of that - but the connections they’ve now built, the support they now have, and the knowledge they now know, will (really, truly, honestly) last a lifetime.

I am so grateful that Stationery Academy is a small part of the journey these women are on toward their dreams.

Stephanie Creekmur hard at work on her Core Values. It may look like a lot of fun and swag, but we also get down to business.

A huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to Cara. She didn’t hesitate when I asked her to join me in Phoenix to help me execute and to share her knowledge and passion as a speaker.
She was always positive. She didn’t look at me like I was crazy when I wanted to stay up a bit later and get something else checked off the list. And when I stayed up until 1am working on the slide presentation for the next day (3am my time!), she met me at my door with coffee the next morning. What a gem!
Thank you to our sponsors who support this community. Your generosity and example is inspiring and it makes the experience just that much better.
Another thank you to Stephanie from Life Created who photographed our conference. She is so talented I can't even stand it! This gift of hers is amazing and if you are looking for product photography, she's your lady.
I am so grateful to Amber HousleyCara McGradyCathy OlsonHeather CrabtreeKristen Ley, and Stephanie Creekmur for joining me as speakers this year. What a team!
These women are examples of who I strive to be in life. They were present, connected, authentic, vulnerable, grounded, realistic, and open with their knowledge. I couldn’t have asked for more. So honored to know each of you.
know all of this sounds contrived. I know it may seem like it isn’t possible for it to be that great of an experience. I know it seems like “marketing speak”. But, every word of it is honest and true.
As I looked around the room at our final dinner together, all I could think was Wow. My heart is so full, and I am so incredibly, happy-excited for these women. I couldn’t stop smiling all night!

I’ll be posting updates on Instagram, so make sure to follow along and check out #statacad to see what our attendees were up to last week and what their doing this week after graduating.
If you’re interested in attending one of our conferences, nothing is planned for an in person event right now, but I do that something up my sleeve this fall. So, stay tuned and look for a survey coming out tomorrow so I can learn what you’re looking for from us.

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