Stationery Academy 2013 Scholarship Winners!

We completely realize that we said we'd announce a scholarship winner by May 31, but when we planned that date, we didn't realize we were going to have over 75 incredible scholarship applications to read through! The entry numbers for both scholarships completely overwhelmed and thrilled us. The social media scholarship had over 450 entries alone--thank goodness we didn't have to read through those! Just a quick refresher, for those of you now joining us, Stationery Academy offered two scholarships for the 2013 year. The first scholarship was a social media scholarship, with a randomly chosen winner. The second scholarship was a "pay it forward" scholarship. We read through entries submitted by stationers all across the United States to find someone who we feel like it an excellent candidate for helping others along in their stationery business journey (because that's what Stationery Academy is all about!)

And now, the day has come to announce both winners! Drumroll please, may I have the envelope, and all that...

The social media scholarship winner is...Maile Ehlers!

The pay-it-forward scholarship winner is...Megan Wright!

Both ladies will be joining us for the second session of Stationery Academy this coming August. We can't wait to meet them!