Speaker Spotlight

Speaker Spotlight: Nicolle Spitulnik

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We are so pleased to have Nicolle join us in February as a speaker. Nicolle has a passion for making the world around her more beautiful, a super savvy business sense, a sophisticated style and an eloquent way with words.
What have you been up to since graduating from Stationery Academy? 
When I left Stationery Academy in 2012 I took the leap to rebrand with a new handlettered logo that encompassed my goals and vision for my business. Having a new look was refreshing and exciting, however discovering that an authentic brand is much more than a pretty logo or perfect color pairings was a springboard for greatness. My small business has grown tremendously since 2012 and while this success has been noteworthy I believe a huge part of this journey is about learning, growth and balance every step of the way.
How did attending Stationery Academy affect your business? Stationery Academy came into my professional life at just the right time. I not only was exposed to industry experts but gained a plethora of resources, strategies, and tried and true practices that streamlined my workflow. My goal was to attend the workshop and 'learn more about the paper business'. I can honestly say that I walked away with a plan that put the wheels in motion. Stationery Academy offers the tools to take your business to the next level, however turning your dreaming into doing is also an important part of the success. This is where the peer relationships come in! When deciding to attend a workshop - you must consider the peer connections as a part of the development process and investment. I often find myself relying on my peers from my Stationery Academy class for resources, ideas and suggestions. In this business, it takes a village.
What was the most valuable lesson you learned - what was your "ah-ha" moment?
The most valuable lesson that I learned was that I needed to reevaluate WHY I am doing what I do. In the beginning, I was saying yes to everything, compromising my time, and not identifying my niche in the business. I have healed myself of the first altogether, however compromising time and identifying niche are ongoing elements that I still work on; however always going back to WHY you do what you do will ground you, personally and professionally.
What you are most looking forward to as a speaker this February?
Oh where do I begin? I am thrilled, humbled, over-the-moon giddy to be coming back to Stationery Academy as a speaker. I am most looking forward to the relationships that I hope to create with the attendees. As much as I love sharing my own story and offering tools for success, I know that I will leave taking a little bit of knowledge and experience from each of them as well. Eeeek - is it February yet? I can't wait.