We have a New Look!

Society for Creative Founders - New Branding Reveal

Whenever you develop a brand for your business, you look at so many different facets that you want to bring to life.  Branding is so much more than a logo - you want it to evoke certain feelings, certain emotions, and bring people together in a way that they’re excited about your brand too.

When I think about the Society for Creative Founders, to me it embodies these three things: community, support, and an element of fun built into all of the learning that takes place in this online space. I want it to feel like a conversation between friends, with a bit of whimsy and fun built right in. Like the creatively designed card that you lovingly write out to a friend and drop in the mail, and of course, be bright, cheery too.

While developing the design for our Conference this year (which at the time this post is shared, is only SIX days away!), I hit roadblock after roadblock with the aesthetic of this year's Conference because the brand that we had simply didn’t embody those things in the way that I envisioned our experience to be.  So, after a few conversations with the alumni who attended our January 2018 Retreat and hearing that they felt the same, I decided that a branding refresh was in order.

So I reached out to Susannah Carpenter of Hello Ginger, who is an amazing designer and is also one of our 2015 Conference Alumni.  Her design aesthetic is clean and modern with bit of a feminine flair, so I knew she would be a great fit for us.  SCF has a lot of elements with a lot of details involved into each one.  From graphics to worksheets to slides and templates galore, this was something I knew I definitely wanted and needed to work with someone else on and knew that Susannah would be perfect for this.  When you’re branding, it’s important to see things from a birds eye view and have other people available who are experts in their fields hear what you have to say, so that they can filter through all of the noise while bringing the true foundation you want your brand to encompass to life.  And that is exactly what Susannah did.

It was important to me that we kept our original logo, alternate logo, and sub-marks because they were designed and drawn by another 2015 Conference Alum, Kelsey Baldwin of Paper and Oats - she drew all of our alternate logos out by hand and that wasn’t something I wanted to let go of. So I asked her permission to blend her logo designs with this new look and she gave us her blessing. I love now that our full branding now encompasses two of our alumni into it all!

Society for Creative Founders - New Branding Reveal!

Our Color Palette + Moodboard

Our signature colors have always been a bold teal and gold, all the way back to our beginning Stationery Academy days.  So, we brought back the original duo of the teal + gold, and added two variations of a lighter mint as well.

We loved the navy from our branding from 2016, so we changed it just a bit to blend with our teal + mint. We did the same thing with our berry color - originally it was a bright fuschia, and the one for SCF was a darker berry so we blended the two together to create the berry you see now!

When developing our moodboard, this was actually one of the most fun and challenging details to finalize. We wanted our moodboard to evoke a certain feel and express a strong sense of community / collaboration as that is what SCF embodies as a whole.  We used photos that had been taken by our Conference Photographers for the last few years while zooming in on one particular print that had been handlettered by Janna Wilson for our 2016 Conference, which incorporated an ombre teal watercolor lettering technique and to this day remains one of my favorite prints I’ve ever received.  We are bringing back a different version of this same quote for our 2018 Conference, which you’ll see in just a few weeks!

Our Patterns

Due to the variety of items we have, we wanted to have a few different patterns to work with.  The first and favorite one we created is our monoline pattern - if you look closely, it’s actually a pattern with all of our submarks built in! This is the pattern we are going to use for envelope liners, backers for prints + cards, etc. and we are ecstatic about the way it turned out! Susannah took my vision and ran with it … and it turned out amazing!

We also wanted to incorporate an ombre look along with a bolder texture to add some dimension, to give us a variety of styles to work with.  So, we brought in a couple of those patterns as well. Overall, Susannah did an incredible job of hearing what I was trying to express and bringing it to life … and we are so excited to say that this beautiful brand is ours, and one that we believe fully embodies what the Society for Creative Founders is all about.


scf - 2018 blog - new branding moodboard.png

Our Website

Lastly, once we started working on all of this, I knew that I would have to take on the huge undertaking of building a new website to house everything.  I found that we needed to be able to make adjustments, move images, create pages, and move things around as needed, it proved to be pretty challenging on our previous site. So even though we loved the look of our old website, we knew that we needed to create a new one so that we could do everything we wanted to and adapt things easily as needed on the back end moving forward. One of my favorite details we've added is the teeny "back to top" button that we were able to add to the bottom right, having full-width site images and galleries, in addition to even having a private page built right into our site for our Conference Attendees!

Although we don’t have everything perfect on our site yet, particularly when it comes to the hundreds of links within posts on our blog, we also are holding the phrase “done is better than perfect” near and dear to our hearts right now as we adapt the formatting, update images, and update everything we need to post by post for our 200+ that have been written over the last seven years in the months ahead.  We love that we are going to be able to add and modify pages as needed, and one of our favorite details is the new Alumni Spotlight page that we added into our blog!

Society for Creative Founders - New Website Reveal


Overall, we hope you love the look you see.  In the days ahead, especially at our Conference, you are going to see our new brand in physical form (there are so many things we have designed that I can’t even pick just one favorite!) as we have incorporated it into a lot of different pieces, from menus and florals to our workbook and more, especially to an incredible one of a kind piece that made me tear up with joy when I held it in my hands (hint … keep an eye on our Instagram for this one to be shared this week!).

We are certainly excited for what’s to come for this brand, and know that this is only the beginning. What do YOU love most about this new look? Let us know in the comments below!