Should you Attend our Creative Founders Conference?

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Today on the Blog, I (Kristin) could write you and tell you more about our Conference.  However, today, I want to share thoughts about it from one of our Spring 2018 Attendees, Kelli Cross of Lettered Grace.  She joined us for the first time this Spring and will be returning again this Fall as our Conference Encourager.  She is someone who truly transformed through this Experience, and is someone that each of us could learn from.  So today, read what Kelli has to share with you, if you're wanting to join us for our Conference this Fall!


A Note from Kelli

Six months ago, I was just starting my second year of business and felt completely clueless about what direction to go in. I knew what I loved to do and wanted to focus on that, but (if I’m being completely honest) I had no idea how to manage my business. From finances to organizational skills to seasonal planning to branding or even just setting goals in a way that made me feel like I knew what I was doing. I was doubting myself, caught in the comparison trap, and questioning my talent regularly. I was barely treading water.

Six months ago, I was getting comfortable in my seat on the fence when it came to registering for conference. Not only was I nervous about hopping on a plane and heading to conference where I wouldn’t know anyone, the investment seemed a little more than what I was used to paying for things - online course hoarder here!

After emailing with Kristin for about a month straight (if I could count the questions I asked, I’d probably be embarrassed!), I finally was able to get the go-ahead from my hubby, signed up (before he could change his mind), and everything else fell right into place. Next thing I knew, I was walking into the Lee House and meeting 20 new friends on the first day of Conference.

I don’t want to take up too much space going into detail about my full experience at conference here (you can read my blog post at, but I will tell you a few things that made this the best investment...EVER!

Society for Creative Founders Conference


I’m definitely a relationship kinda gal - my tank is full after spending time with my people! One of the best things about attending conference are the deep and meaningful friendships formed over those days together. Imagine spending 4 days with 20+ creative women who think like you, who struggle like you, and who want to leave a legacy with their lives and their’s so cheesy, but it’s absolutely incredible! How many times have you struggled to answer the question, “So what do you DO?”, only to get a smile and that sympathetic look of “Oh, that’s cute and I have no idea what that is” from the asker? Not at Conference! It’s incredibly refreshing, girl...I can’t even tell you! I consider my roommates and many of the people I met at Conference to be some of my closest friends and we keep in touch regularly. Not to mention the bonus of getting to hang out and chat with the speakers outside of sessions or the incredible value of the extended family through the SCF Community and Alumni groups on FB!


Like I mentioned before, I was barely treading water. There wasn’t a single session or breakout at Conference that I didn’t benefit from. One of the main goals at Conference is to equip the attendees with the tools they need to succeed in their business - whether you design stationery, plan events, sell products, bake cookies, or take pictures. It’s incredible looking back that the knowledge and advice the speakers (and other attendees!) poured out over that weekend were universal. Because literally all those categories of business were there and the insight given truly is building a foundation for each and every one in that house. Branding, finances, marketing, pricing - we covered it ALL and it’s a complete game-changer! All those things that intimidated me and I avoided before were now manageable and not so scary. Not only did I have the tools and resources to succeed, I also had the confidence to tackle it.


Pre-conference, I was timid when it came to my business. I hesitated when people would ask what I do. I didn’t feel like I was even in the same league as my peers. On the last night of Conference, at our Graduation Dinner, we were asked to share one take-away with the  group. No lie, friend, just about everyone around that table stood up and shared how they felt confident in their ability, confident in their talents, confident in their title as a “business owner”. Confident because they had vision, clarity, purpose, and renewed passion. My take-away was that I could now boldly answer that awkward question of “What do you DO?” without hesitation. Sitting around that table, hearing everyone stories of how their Conference experience changed them, and realizing it was now a room of 28 creative, confident, and empowered women still gives me chills! I’m now convinced the only way to “buy” confidence is to invest in this experience and give yourself to it wholeheartedly.

Society for Creative Founders Conference

With all that being said, here are my final thoughts for you, friend:

No matter where you are in business, no matter how you feel you compare to your peers, no matter what you feel less-than-confident in, you are capable of starting, running, and growing a successful creative business. Your talent and your ability to dream up, design, and create beautiful products and experiences are without-a-doubt things this world needs and ONLY YOU can do it. You add value and beauty to the lives of your clients and customers and if you don’t do what God created you to do, who else will?

Don’t be intimidated by the success of those around you. Even when it seems like others have it all together or that they’re an “overnight success”, you have no idea what struggles they are facing. Be content to create and grow with the season you’re in. Growing slow isn’t bad. Slow is smart and thoughtful and cautious and good. Slow and steady is healthy growth and it’s always good to enjoy slow seasons. I still don’t have it all together and there’s still so much I have to learn, but I also don’t want to run a business at the expense of my sanity or relationships...or living a life I love. You don’t want that, either.

I am a woman of faith and I believe that God created me to be creative, to have this business, and to use it for good. And I believe that for and about you, too. I challenge you to shift your mindset from one of doubting yourself to one of asking, “What can I do in this season to spur growth, to invest in myself and my business well, and to prepare for the next season to be even better than the last one?”

You have a talent and a gift that this world needs. Believe it!

When I was on the fence and considering whether or not Conference was a good fit for me, there was something in my gut that was telling me this was my year. Do you feel it, too? If you do, it’s there for a reason, my friend! If the financial investment intimidates you, fight that feeling.

Obviously, don’t commit to something you truly can’t afford, but if there’s a way to make it happen...make it happen! I love and believe in the priceless value of the Creative Founders Conference in the core of my being and on day two of my experience, I told my husband it was hands-down the best investment I ever made in myself, first, and my business. 

Don’t let that spot on the fence get too comfortable. If the grass seems greener on the Conference side of the fence, hop on down, come over, and let these women equip and lead you in growing your creative business well.

I’ll be right there with you this fall, too. I loved my experience at Creative Founders Conference so much, that I’m coming back not only to help Kristin, but to also serve, love, and encourage YOU for four days, too! I’m thrilled about attending again and I know Conference will offer both of us new perspectives, confidence, and insight into our businesses.

You, friend, are worth the your business, but also in yourself! So, what do you say? Will I get to hug your neck when you walk through those doors in October?

Make the decision to join us this year, before it sells out once more.

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