Eight Ways to Use Video for Marketing on Social Media

Seven Ways to use Video for Marketing on Social Media - Society for Creative Founders
Seven Ways to use Video for Marketing on Social Media - Society for Creative Founders

As we all know, video marketing is growing by leaps and bounds in popularity and becoming a necessity for businesses to use.

How many of you spend more time watching Stories on Instagram instead of scrolling?  How many of you scroll through Facebook and stop to watch that video on how to make something (we all know we’ve watched the cooking videos) simply because it’s already auto-playing and there for us?  Video simply draws you in.  On Facebook alone, when you do a quick scroll, how many videos pop up on your feed first, or within a couple of scrolls?


These days, one third of all online activity is spent watching videos.  Of that, more than 85% of videos on Facebook are watched with the sound off - so in addition to creating videos, how can you make your videos engaging when people can’t hear you?  

Think of clever ways to share your products, or make sure to include captions at the bottom if you would like to keep your engagement up and people watching.   When it comes to using video marketing with Social Media in particular, this is one place where you can create a way for your customers to feel more connected to you instantly. So today, we have seven tips for you to help to get the wheels turning on ways that you can use video highlighting your business. We hope this will help you to begin implementing video more into your business!

How To Videos

Want people to see how you do something, from beginning to end? Share a how-to video!  Think of the ways that you can best highlight your products or services in use while using this video to teach your customers or clients something valuable.

For example, we love this Stationery Styling Series from Elisa Anne Calligraphy!

Share a New Product

Have something that you are working on, or a new product that will be coming soon?  Share a sneak peek of it in a video form! This may be a full reveal of a product where you can talk about it and people can see how excited you are about it, which in turn will make them excited about it too.  Include launch dates, promotional details, pricing, everything they need to know about it, while highlighting it as well.

Stop Motion Videos

Want to show your process of doing something in a fun way, or highlight a product? This is one fun way to do it in particular.  Sarah with Signet Sealed is teaching a class on how to do this particular topic right now in our Community this month, and this video below is an example of a great one!

Do a Time Lapse Video

Want to show how you do something that takes a long time? Turn it into a video! Film yourself packaging orders, assembling invitations, designing a product, painting or sketching a scene.

For example,   these videos by Shawna Clingerman, show her creating a handlettered piece on her iPad!

Short Video Clips from things happening around you

These are especially great for Instagram Stories. What are you doing that you can share with the people around you?  How can you bring them with you and encourage them to interact with you while you are somewhere that makes them feel like they’re there with you?  Or, how can you show video in this way to help them to see more of you personally, to grow connected to you with places you go? Are you out somewhere shopping for supplies to help you create a product, or even finding inspiration at a park?  What can you share that can give people peeks into your life and your business more?

Behind the Scenes Videos

People love to see how things are created, and feel more connected to the product when they can see how it is created.  What are certain things that you do within your business that you can share with how things are made in your business?  We loved this video on Instagram from The Art of Etiquette showing the foil stamping process for their vow books.

Friday Introductions

Do you participate in this on Instagram on Fridays? Turn it into a Video for a week!  People can get to know you a bit better simply by hearing your voice, seeing you interact with them, etc.  They will feel more connected to you when they see your facial expressions or hear you talk instead of simply looking at a photo.


People are 63% more likely to purchase a product or a service if there are reviews for them to see first.  Think about it with Amazon - how many times have you not purchased a product because there have only been 5 reviews, but not even hesitated to purchase the item with 5,342 five star reviews? Testimonials are a necessity, but to see people talking about your product in video format is an entirely different experience, and one where people can feel immediately more connected to your brand.  Do you have a client or a customer that you really connected well with that you could reach out to for a video testimonial?

They can be fun, too - for example,  Shunta Grant used this on Instagram to share testimonials of people who are a part of her Mastermind - including a kitten filter and all on the video, it definitely captures your attention!

Create a Video Series

What is a topic that you are an expert at, or something you want to teach people about? Or, what is a question that people ask you all the time, that you can answer in video form?  What kind of a Q+A Session can you do that you can do on a consistent basis to help people to learn more about a specific topic? Answer them through video marketing! And, if you put them onto a schedule, people will begin to tune in regularly in anticipation of you doing something every week.

We look forward to this Monday Marketing Series every Monday with Olivia Omega of Wallace Marketing Group - they're hosting weekly Facebook Live videos where they simply chat all things marketing.  And because it's consistent, we know when the next time they will be live is, which helps promote engagement and people to plan to be there.


What do you want to use video marketing for in your business?

We only touched on the wide variety of ways that you can use video marketing in social media today, but we are hoping that it will help you to think of some ideas! We'd love to hear from you too ... so sound off in the comments below about what you want to use video marketing for in your business!