How to make your product fly off the shelves

If you can solve problems or provide solutions for your ideal clients with your products, the more you’ll sell. Your products need to be innovative. As an innovator, it is your job to come up with solutions (your products) capable of meeting your customer’s needs.

Customers hire “solutions” (your product) because they perceive to serve their particular needs best. These buying decisions can be based on conscious or unconscious thoughts.

You can learn a great deal about your customers by talking to them. You can ask them why they're buying or not buying, what they may want to buy in the future. You can ask what their needs are and how you meet that need.


There are 3 ways to develop irresistible products for your customers.

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No. 1: Solve their problem.

Solving a problem is one of the hardest things for a product-based business to do, especially in the gifting industry, because there isn’t necessarily a need or a solution that is concrete.

Solving a problem is of paramount importance when it comes to successful products. You must constantly talk about and show the problem or solution that you are solving. You must constantly show how what you have can help the your customer.

This is very important to those of you who just have an idea. Whenever have an “idea” for a product, your first question should be “What is the problem that your idea will solve?” The answer will add clarity to what needs to be done to develop your product.

Spend less time communicating what your product does (though that is still important) and more time on what our product will do for your customers.


No. 2: Identify a Customer Pain Point

Products that sell best serve a passion, relieve a pain, or solve a problem.

Solving a customer pain point has always been a great way to get sales. Tylenol wouldn't be in business if a headache didn’t hurt. A customer pain doesn’t always have to be physical pain though, it also accounts for frustrating or poor experiences.

If you can offer a product-based solution to a pain point problem, you'll find a captive audience eager to buy.


 No. 3: Identify Customer Passions

It's amazing how much money passionate hobbyists will spend. Avid runners spend thousands each year on work out gear and the best shoes. Moms spend hundreds a month on fun projects for their kids or for school projects. There is a need and a passion for their children.

When consumers are passionate about something they will often spend more money. Golfers will always spend money on improving their game or lowering their score. That would work for both and passion and a pain point. I know in our family, we’ve spent who knows how much on golf lessons and gear. :)

Addressing a passion will also increase you customer’s loyalty because passionate buyers are usually more in-tune with your industry and product categories.

People who love stationery and have a passion for paper are willing to spend more for luxury paper goods. They love shopping at Paper Source and finding unique cards and gifts for their friends.


Solving problems for product-based business is hard. But, if you can review a pain or passion point, then your product will be irresistible to your ideal client.


Sometimes the answer is right in front of you. It can be something as simple as your ideal client being a busy mom with a full-time job who doesn’t have time to think about fun activities for her kids on her own. She wants to create memories, but needs someone to help her out with that a bit with downloadable kids crafts.

Or, it could be a young professional with a ton of friends in a small town with just one gift shop. She wants to give unique, one-of-a-kind gifts to her friends that make them feel special – things her local shop doesn’t provide.


In the absence of value, cost is everything. What you put between the gap of value vs. cost is what differentiates you from the competition.


Solving a problem or providing a solution adds value. Read the sentence just above again. If you can add value, your products are irresistible.


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