Successfully Selling your Products at Craft Shows and Holiday Markets

Successfully Selling at Holiday Markets and Craft Shows - Creative Founders Class on August 29th with Amy Kinslow

We are so excited about our Fall Class Series, starting off with the incredibly talented Amy Kinslow of Southern Fried Design Barn!  Amy is one of our Fall Conference Speakers and has tremendous amounts of knowledge in this industry, specifically when it comes to successfully selling your products at craft shows and holiday markets.

On August 29th, 2018 at 10am CST, Amy will be sharing all of the knowledge she has on this topic, with a 90 minute live class delivered in a webinar format! 

To learn more about Amy and this class in particular, please read this guest post written by Amy below.  Registration opens for the Founder Class on August 15th at 12:00pm CST, and we hope you will join us!

A Note from Amy Kinslow of Southern Fried Design Barn:

In the fall of 2012, I exhibited at my first holiday market. All I had was a new greeting card collection that consisted of 16 cards. The market was outdoors in a barn setting and the temperature on opening night was below freezing. That night, I thought there’s no way I’m going to make any money with weather like this, much less my booth fee. By the end of the 2 day market, I had made about $500. That to me was a success, especially for my first show! Over the next 6 years, I would have the amazing opportunity to exhibit at over 40 different craft and holiday shows and have sales reaching to over $10,000 in one weekend. 

This Fall and Holiday season I am about to embark on my most strenuous show schedule ever - 10 (potentially 12) shows in 15 weeks. When the year is over, I will have exhibited at over 50 shows in 6 short years and built my business to be my full-time career. For years, I worked a corporate job while exhibiting at shows on the weekend and my vacation days. These shows are and continue to be a great source of income for me and my business. I know many of you are looking for extra outlets to sell your products and I want to help you not only sell your products but do it successfully year after year!

During this 90 minute live webinar, you’ll be able to learn:

1. How to find the right show for your business. This may sound simple, but there's truly a strategy to it! I’ll discuss local shows, regional shows and traveling shows.

2. Learn profitable actions for seasonal and yearly shows. I’ll share how I was able to double my sales at my largest holiday show AND what lost me sales.

3. How to successfully exhibit while working a full-time job. For years, I exhibited while working a corporate day job. It wasn’t easy, actually it was exhausting, BUT I’m going to tell you how I utilized my time to the fullest and how my corporate job actually benefitted me during this time.

4. How to create a booth that fits in your car vs when I knew it was time to buy a trailer.

5. Understanding credit card processing and learning what credit card company best suits your brand. 

6. How to files taxes appropriately for in-state shows and out-of-state shows.

7. I’ll share my personal experiences and suggestions about working shows by yourself vs when you need to hire help.

8. What you need to know when traveling for a show.

9. Most of all, I’m here for you! This will be a live webinar with time at the end for questions and answers. You’ll be able to get instant feedback from myself and Kristin and learn from each other as well!


I’m not lying when I say I LOVE exhibiting at shows! It’s nice when something you love is able to make you money also - hello!! If you’re ready to learn how to make $500-$10,000 in a weekend this is the class for you! No matter if you’re just starting out or have been doing this for some time. I WISH this webinar was around for me to gain insight on in my beginning stages!


The best part is, this webinar will be available for you to watch or rewatch for 7 days after it airs! You’ll be able to watch it anytime in it’s entirety until September 5th at 12:00pm CST.

Let this be the year you invest in your business, start getting answers for all your questions, and start making extra money in a quick weekend! Can’t wait to join you on August 29th, register right here!


Cheers y'all,
Amy Kinslow


Registration opens for our Creative Founders Class on Successfully Selling your Products at Craft Shows and Holiday Markets on August 15th at 12:00pm CST right here!  The first 10 people to register will also receive a Creative Founders Notebook, which otherwise can only be received by attending our Conference.  Those who are on the Waiting List will receive early access to register, so make sure to sign up for the details if you're interested in joining us!

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