Rebrand Announcement

Today is the day that we marked months ago to reveal our new brand. It has been a long time coming. Stationery Academy has been associated with the pink envelope, the banner, and the academic ivy since 2012 and it is time for a refresh to something more sophisticated that reflects what our community has become. Not only are we changing the brand, we are also CHANGING OUR NAME. Yup. We've outgrown our current name and brand, and it's time for something new that reflects both the changes in our community and the stationery and gift industry.

Since 2011, there has been a shift in the stationery industry to include more and more gift items. We’ve seen many paper-only designers begin to add non-paper products to their product lines - we’ve had to change with the times to add things like coffee mugs, totes, apparel, and other substrates to diversify our product lines and compete. As the industry has shifted, adding these non-paper items has made businesses more sustainable.

I’ve also found that people think the word “Academy” seems 101 level - like school or learning. Those who have been through the conference or the course, you know the content meets you where you are, but it isn’t for beginners though we’re all training and continually learning in this community.

Over the years, we started adding more and more training opportunities in addition to the conference, like webinars, courses, a long-term coaching program, and mastermind groups.

We are so much more than just a conference - we’re a community. A society of women who are on the same journey and support each other along the way.

The diversity of our community has also changed to include all makers, artists, and designers - like calligraphers, illustrators, painters, jewelry makers, interior designers, and more. When these creative business owners were finding Stationery Academy, they were excited and wanted to attend but didn’t think it is a good fit because they thought it was just for those in stationery. And how could you blame them?

It did start out as so, but as the industry changed, our attendees and audience changed to include more than just those of us doing stationery, and stationery designers changed too.

The content we provide is applicable to any of these categories. For me, I can say that it is so helpful to have people who are not doing “stationery” be a part of the conversation with a different point of view.

As I’ve started to pin point the one thing that all these audiences have in common - no matter what private-label product they are creating or what medium they use - is that we are all FOUNDERS of our creative businesses. 

We’re all on the same mission together and have chosen to surround ourselves with people who are on the same mission.

So, in addition to announcing our new brand today, we're also announcing our new name: Society for Creative Founders. 


We've been working on this for 8 months behind the scenes, and my inklings and decision was solidified when I attended the Inspired Coterie mastermind group with Amber Housley and other dear friends.

This will still be the same great community and conference you have come to expect from Stationery Academy. We arestill a supportive, community-driven environment for knowledge, tools, and encouragement you need to grow your business like a founder.

Think of this new name change as the umbrella brand for the three training opportunities we have - and will be able to continue to grow into as add we add and expand more training opportunities.

  • The Conference - this will not change a bit. It works and the only thing that will change is the logo.
  • The Course - this started this as Creative’s Academy, which was my idea of the new name for Stationery Academy a couple of years ago. I quickly realized that it was also limiting, but also too broad because we are a specific group of creatives - not just any creative. We’ll be reshooting the videos and updating the brand.
  • The Intensive - which launched to our alumni and email subscribers in February a 4 month coaching program based on the course with masterminding small groups each week and one-on-one coaching.

So, here's the meaning behind our new name: 

  • A “society” is  described as: members of a community; an organized group of people who associate together. It’s an elevated term to define what this community has grown into - which is more than just an academy or a conference.
  • We are creatives. This is a word that is being used as a noun to describe someone. Webster's Dictionary hasn’t even picked up on that yet. "Creative" is derived from an old advertising term - the logos, art, graphics and so on to describe the elements and agency would deliver, which came from the creative department. But the word “creative” described the whole package. These days, we're  using "creative" as a noun because we’re different from an executive or CEO and we won’t and can’t be put in that too-corporate sounding box.
  • We are the founders of our creative businesses. This is the one thing we all have in common. We think like the person who established our own company, no matter how large or small or where we are on our journey. We're the heart and the passion behind a our creative business.
  • The tag line: makers, artists, designers includes us all as the diversity our community has grown.

It’s a more sophisticated name, brand and elevated signature style that I think reflects the quality of the people in our society. Our new brand was designed by Paper + Oats, and our new website (launching this May) is being designed by Love Inspired. Both are two of the most talented people I know and I couldn't have chosen a better fit. The process has been a breeze and I am thrilled with the outcome.



This is a strong community of women who are creative founders. I am impressed by you everyday of how you support each other and share the joy in each others accomplishments. Now, I’m asking for your help and support through recognizing other creative founders.

It has been such an honor to be a part of this community since 2012 and lead it since 2014.

xoxo, Jennifer