Pursue your Passion instead of #allthethings.

Pursue your Passion instead of #allthethings.  Webinar on Defining your Niche on Friday, September 22nd with Society for Creative Founders
Pursue your Passion instead of #allthethings. Webinar on Defining your Niche on Friday, September 22nd with Society for Creative Founders

Choosing a Niche is worth it.

Sometimes, it can be REALLY hard to niche down or build a business offering less instead of saying yes when we are creative entrepreneurs.  It is so easy to think “I can do this, and this, and this” simply because we can, or because we’re trying to build our portfolios for “exposure”, we don’t want to tell people no, or the money is talking, so we just choose to say yes.However, when you decide to really hone in on the kind of a business you want to be known for, it will be a huge shift in so many things - who you attract, what you design, even where your success story can truly begin. This is why I am thrilled to be hosting a webinar on Friday, September 22nd, entirely about Defining your Niche.

I want to start with a bit of a backstory. I used to be a seriously creative workaholic.  I loved to do SO many different things, and decided to wrap them all up into a business, pretty bow and all.  At one time in my entrepreneur life, I was a wedding planner, wedding invitation designer, etsy shop owner, retail shop designer, and custom order maker. And I thought it was great.The weddings that I planned and designed invitations for were high-end weddings with details everywhere you turned.  I also had an online shop, where I sold wedding items, but also sold items for moms - to gift to their fellow mom friends, to encourage them along the way.  

I also had items to encourage creative entrepreneurs, along with christian-based items as well.  And if anyone ever asked me to design something custom for them, I always said yes.  I was “that” person, who just did it all and never said no. And thought my business could easily encompass it all.But when people would ask me what I did, I would gulp, sweat a little bit, and wonder how many things I could squeeze into a 10 second spiel.  I would usually tell people something like this:  “I do quite a few things actually! Mainly, I am a wedding planner who also designs invitations. I also have an online shop along with items in local stores with items for weddings, moms, business owners, and I design christian based items as well. ”To which I would normally get an odd head nod and that would sometimes even be the end of that conversation.  

Have you had this happen to you when people ask you what you do? You kind of fumble through an answer, telling them 30 different things but then not really feeling confident about it?  It may have been simply because we couldn’t give people something to grasp about us - because I was all over the place with my offerings, I didn’t speak up on just one topic - I could talk about lots of things, but I never felt like I was the master of just one.  When I was working, my days were filled with busy, and chaos, and never having the time to dedicate myself fully to ONE thing because I was spread so thin between everything I had convinced myself this one business could do. And it was exhausting.

Defining your Niche and building tour business.  Webinar on Friday, September 22nd with Society for Creative Founders
Defining your Niche and building tour business. Webinar on Friday, September 22nd with Society for Creative Founders

I got to the point where I was in the world of weddings all day long, flipping from planning to designing and back to planning again.  My early mornings and late nights were consistent with fulfilling orders from my online shop, answering emails, designing custom orders, shipping things, making sure everyone and everything was taken care of.In the in-between of those times, I went to one of the two local shops where I had my items, to check on if they needed to fulfill their wholesale order once more or if I needed to add more stock to my shelves.  The items that I sold in those shops?  Nothing of the items above, but rather different items that I had designed to fit their branding for their store. I didn’t have a design aesthetic that I pulled from, but rather tried to design to what I thought they wanted.  

And along the way, I found that I would say yes just because I “could” - and in all of it, I had lost that fire, because I was simply doing too much.I called myself a designer, but I didn’t know what kind, because I designed everything and anything.  Formal wedding invitations one day, Kids birthday party invitations with monsters and googly eyes the next, Christmas cards using bold colors and typography styles that were all over the place, but out of all of this, I lost the sense of who I was, and the work I was doing daily definitely didn’t make my heart stir anymore.

And one day, the problem became obvious.  Although my days were FILLED with busy and be-bopping from one thing to the next, I couldn’t identify WHAT kind of a designer I was, WHO my ideal client was, WHERE to market myself, or most importantly, my why.  All that I knew was that I wanted to design.  I loved to make things, design things, and wanted to be the girl who people could come to for anything.  I actually said that to myself too, and thought that it was a smart thing to do.But.  Trying to be a jack of all trades but a master of none will lead you down a road to busy, but will it lead you to a path of success?  

I know that people all picture success differently, but for me, success wasn’t only seeing that my business was doing well, it was that my life wasn’t filled with busy, but also filled with goodness and projects that fired me up.  It was that I knew that when someone was looking for someone to design something, it wouldn’t be that they said “call Kristin! She designs everything!” but rather “You’re engaged?!  Congratulations! Kristin needs to be one of the first people you call.  She takes amazing care of her clients and she will design something you will treasure for always”.  Do you see the difference between the two?  In one statement, I was the person who would do anything asked of her, but there wasn’t really anything to attach to it.  However, in the second statement, I was the person whose name was brought up when people got married, and specifically was spoken of with wedding design.

There is something amazing about knowing what you want to build your business upon, where you want it to go, knowing who your ideal client is, and most importantly, the kind of work that sets your soul on fire, that makes you want to get up and go to work every day, because you know that what you're doing is what you truly love.


If you’ve been finding that you are becoming known for more and more and more things, but you can’t really grasp which are the ones that make your heart sing or you don’t know what to say no to instead, I would love for you to join me on Friday, September 22nd in our Webinar “5 Steps to Defining your Niche”.  

This 60 minute class is being taught in a webinar format, and will turn you from the “I can be the say yes to everything because I can” business owner to the “I can say yes ONLY to THIS, because it sets my soul on fire” creative business owner. And that, my friends, is one amazing feeling.  And just in case you are wondering - no, we aren’t selling anything to you at the end of this webinar.  This is not a lead-in to buy into another program, this is 60 minutes of content simply helping you taking the steps to build a business you love with someone to talk you through it all while we go along. And we would love to guide you along the way with a process that we know works.For more details and to register, visit the link here.  We hope you’ll join us, and we look forward to seeing you this Friday at 10am!

Defining your Niche - Webinar with Society for Creative Founders
Defining your Niche - Webinar with Society for Creative Founders