5 Productivity Strategies To Try

If you're like me, productivity has been a learned habit and you're always looking for ways to improve.

There are 125 working days left in the year. Uh, yeaaaah. It’s the beginning of the third quarter. 

I don’t mean to send anyone into a tailspin, but I hope it does make you get a little more serious about the goals you set this year. What have you done to move the needle toward your goals? Have you implementing sound productivity strategies to help you reach those goals? 

When I think of my working year, I don’t include the month of December. Why? Because it’s a month full of hustle, busy, family, and celebrating. And it’s hard to get any real work done.

Real work is the work that matters. It’s spending time on the things that are meaningful.


You may have heard of the 80/20 rule. It can be applied in many different ways, but for productivity, the idea is that you’re likely seeing 80% of your results from only 20% of your work. That means a lot of the things you’re doing aren’t making the impact you want them to.



Calendar blocking.

Put everything on your calendar, from work commitments to exercise to when you’ll focus on what. This can help you keep an eye on what’s coming up, stay aware of your ideal schedule and see where it may not be working, and avoid overcommitting your time.


Scheduling similar tasks to occur on a single day each week—like meetings on Tuesday, proofing on Thursday, shipping on Wednesday—can help you focus in on that one task and stay in that mindset for the whole day. Less time spent switching tasks means more time and energy to give to that one task. Batch day is a concept our friend Paper & Oats uses, where she only works on one thing for an entire day. Batching your tasks allows you to crank out finished work quickly instead of bouncing around a bunch of unfinished projects.

Using autoresponders.

I don’t use my email as a to-do list and I don’t let it dictate my day. If you get lots of emails, consider setting an autoresponder for hours you’re not checking email or days you’ll be focused on other things. This will let people know you’re not ignoring them, and may also increase their respect for you—if they know you regularly bock off time to put your head down and focus, they may be even more interested in working with you, knowing you’ll apply the same focus to their projects.

Eat the frog.

In other words, do the hard things first. Rather than spending the whole day dreading something, get it out of the way first. You’ll stop worrying about it, plus you’ll get a little boost of energy and excitement just from getting that thing done!

Minimize distractions.

Turn off email while working. In fact, turn off all notifications, like the ones on your phone. Let yourself really get into whatever you’re working on. I have a nice set of headphone and I listen to repetitive music while I work. If you ahce an Amazon Prime account, you can listen to all kinds of albums for free! Repetative music lets you zone into your work and get a lot accomplished—like when you're on an airplane.

There are certainly many more, but these are the easy ones to implement this week.


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Remember, as I always say, learning is just learning until it’s implemented. Take the time to use and apply what you just learned in this lesson. A better business is built one step at a time, so sure to take the time and do the steps that are right for you.

What are you going to do today be more productive? Make sure you are spending your time wisely - remember that 80/20 rule.


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- Jennifer Elwell, Tales of a Peanut.



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