Press Start and Go | A Note of Encouragement

written by Kristin Wilson of the Society for Creative Founders

Press Start and Go. A Note of Encouragement from Kristin

Recently, I’ve had more and more conversations with business owners who have an incredible idea for their business, but they’re afraid of X, Y, or Z happening, so instead of moving forward, they file it away in the “someday” folder. Today I wanted to talk about that just a bit, and give you encouragement at the same time.

So many times, as business owners, we hold ourselves back. But sometimes, we simply need someone to remind us to just press start and GO.

So when I found myself having a conversation about this very thing with one person, then another, I realized we needed to write a blog post about this very topic.

Because sometimes you just need a strong dose of confident encouragement to be given to you, one that you can read as often as you need to, or share with a friend who is going through something similar.

There are a lot of times where we feel like we can't start something, can't launch something, can't plan something, or won't even let ourselves dream about something because we're stuck in the land of "every single decision surrounding this specific thing needs to be absolutely perfect with me knowing how every single detail will be before it can even be shared about or I can move forward with it in the slightest way".

Does it? Or can you simply start, refining it and perfecting it as you go along?

Or, we let ourselves get stuck on the little things.

Those little details that don't make that much of a tremendous difference overall, but in our own minds, we let them get big enough to make us feel like we can't move forward with the very thing we want to do.

My friend, if you are feeling those little frictions and you're getting held up by the little things, the things that tell you that you need to make just one more change, write one more draft, order one more set of samples, rewrite that product description one more time, or take 1,243 more pictures of your surroundings for your "casual behind the scenes" Instagram shot to get the picture just right for your feed (we will talk more about this one later...).

I want to encourage you to let that go

Those decisions may be 100% valid, but the majority of the time, it's because we're holding ourselves back.

We want everything to be perfect, thinking, for example, that we need to find tied up with the perfect silk ribbon in the perfect color with the perfectly trimmed edges before we even truly let ourselves start.

And you all know what comes next.

Sometimes my friend, done truly is better than perfect.

So if this is you, I want to challenge you and encourage you to just press start and GO.

Because even if that bow could get re-tied a time or two before it's done "just right", do you really need to go back and fix it once more?

Press Start and Go - A Note of Business Encouragement

So many of us let those little frictions hold us back from moving forward with what we're meant to do. We let them hold us back from what we're meant to inspire people with.

We're holding ourselves back from the next product launch that could be the best one we've ever done.

We're holding ourselves back from adding those new and different designs we want to add to our Etsy shop.

Or, we're even holding ourselves back from hopping on to our Instagram stories and saying hello simply as we are, because we don’t have the picturesque surroundings or we don’t want to show people as we truly are.

WHY is that?

The facts are this.

People want to support you.

They want to see what you're working on.

They want to encourage you as you work your way through all the different aspects of being a business owner.

They want to see what you're up to, to see you grow.

So I'm giving you permission to stop holding yourself back.

You are here for a reason, you created your business for a purpose.

Go and DO those things that you feel led to, and don't let those little frictions hold you back. Am I saying to launch something in "first rough draft" form, that is in the very beginning thought stages?

No, not necessarily.

But, am I encouraging you to launch something that you've worked on, thought through, dreamed of doing, and have created draft after draft after draft, that you know in your heart that is good, and that you can launch it out into the world and perfect it or enhance it even more as it grows?


So today, I challenge you to do just that.

What is something you've been working on for a while, that you know is ready to be put out there into the world, that you're holding yourself back from sharing?

Instead of holding yourself back, I want to encourage you, today and every day, to just press start and GO.


Share with us in the comments below, what was your biggest takeaway from this post, or what are you going to press start on moving forward?

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