Planning Your Promotions and Product Launches | Quarterly Planning Series

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We’re back for Day Two of our Quarterly Planning Series taking place right here on the blog!

Today we’re talking entirely about what to promote, along with tips and suggestions for planning and preparation for each. This post today is packed with ideas, but more than anything else, think about works well for you personally and in this season of your business.

Due to the amount of the content we included when creating this for you, we've set it up as a three part series.

Part One | Getting Started, What to Maintain and What to Create
Part Two | What to Promote (you are here!)
Part Three | What to Learn

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Without further ado, let’s get to today’s post. In the big picture, becoming comfortable with marketing and launching things well can change everything.

Deciding what to promote and when is a tremendous key to making your business successful. However, it’s also important to become comfortable with the busy and slow seasons in your business. Have times to promote product launches, and also know there are times of the year you don’t need to.

You are your own boss, which means you need to choose to develop a routine where your business ebbs and flows in tandem with your life, instead of your business taking over and running your life. Making sure that you promote launches to spur engagement and keep building your business well in the best times for that will make it a lot easier for you overall.

When thinking about things in a Quarterly perspective, it’s good to have a calendar in front of you where you can sketch out notes, thoughts, and ideas, so that you can plan things out and see the big picture on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis of what you’ll be working on when.

The items you’ll promote in July will not be the same as the ones you want to promote come September. However, you need to look at them from an overall perspective so that you can know when to be doing what when it comes to Quarterly Planning in particular.

Make sure you look at everything in the big picture for your business before developing your bigger promotions you’ll want to create throughout the year, and build in time when you will be prepping and sharing everything for each promotion as well.

For this post today, we’re breaking it down into three main sections, to keep it concise, detailed, and help you to begin mapping out your Quarterly Planning. There are additional supplements built in to the post, which we hope you’ll find helpful!

How to Plan Product Launches - Society for Creative Founders

Determining Dates for Promotions and Product Launches:

This is where the majority of your marketing will be planned, and you’ll break it down into a quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily basis. Though we won’t be going into all of the details of that kind of a breakdown today, it is important to look at things from this view.

Here are five suggestions to get you started:

Look at your own calendar. Before planning your business promotions and product launches, look at what you have happening in your personal calendar and happening travel-wise. You don’t want a business promotion or product launch to go live at the same time you’re on vacation or the day that you return from participating in a week-long Conference!

Consider your ideal client’s shopping calendar and take shipping times into consideration. For example, if you know people will be looking for Christmas items in early November, don’t wait until December to launch your Holiday Collection, when they may already be done (or you’ll be too close to the shipping deadline for the holidays for it to arrive in time).

Determine how many promotions or product launches you’ll do per quarter, planning in how much time each of the tasks will take for you to complete what you need to before it launches. In addition, you don’t want to launch something new every week, so make sure it flows well!

Choose the value-add items (below) you’ll do prior to each launch

Select the “prep for launch” items (below) that will be the most beneficial for you based on your own audience

Suggested Resource: Seasonal Marketing Class with Kelsey Baldwin of Paper + Oats

How to Prepare for a Product Launch - Society for Creative Founders

While your collection is being "prepped for launch":

Determine your launch dates for your promotion(s) and shout it from the rooftops. Don’t keep it quiet, because you want people to celebrate launch day with you and know when your new collection is live!

Here are five suggestions to get started:

Set up a landing page on your website to begin collecting email addresses for those who may be interested in the product you want to sell

Send a series of emails to your subscribers letting them know about a new collection launching soon, sending them to a launching page to sign up for more details

Enable a pop-up (preferably set to show on desktop only) sharing about the collection that will be launching soon

Change your cover page on your business Facebook page and utilize the “description” area for the image with a link to your landing page

Include a direct link to sign up for “collection previews” in your bio on your Instagram feed and talk about your upcoming promotion, sprinkling it throughout your social media posts

How to Add Value to a Small Business Promotion - Society for Creative Founders

Value-Add Items to Consider for your promotions:

What items can you create before your collection launches that add value within the 4 weeks leading up to your launch, that are a direct value-add to the collection you’re creating?

Here are five suggestions to get started:

Develop a Content Marketing Plan where you spend a few minutes per day sharing tips pertaining to specific pain points that your products solve. By planning out the products and services you promote with a Content Marketing Plan, you develop the know, like, and trust factor with the people who want to purchase from your business, who are the people specifically interested in what you have to offer. This will help you to develop a solid social media strategy and plan things out well.

Create a blog post or a series that adds value, pointing to the collection you’ve created. Nestled into the post, include a direct call to action requesting people to join your email list to hear more about your collection when it launches.

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Develop a new opt-in where people can join your email list and receive a free one-page download for a printable ten-page set you’ll be selling, or a free preview of one lesson that will lead in to a full course that will be open soon.

Host a Facebook Live or Instagram Live (and tell people before it takes place so that they can plan to be there!) where you share your top five tips for decorating your home with character, if you’ll be launching a collection filled with products to decorate their home with. This also brings in the "live" element where you can connect with people immediately, and they can see your passion for what you create and how you can be considered an expert to help them.

Reach out to a podcast and request to be a guest on their show if the timing works out well. This one may take the most advanced planning, but it may be a collaboration that benefits you both well! Also, if you do this, we suggest to make sure to reach out to them far in advance prior to your launch since they may record certain times of the year, and most importantly, make sure you're familiar with their podcast in the first place.

You want to know if it's generally interview style (where they have guests) or where they mainly host it entirely themselves. We also suggest only to do this if your content will be a good fit for both your and their audience and you're familiar with their podcast, to make it something beneficial for you both, since you're asking to be a guest on their show.

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Just Say No to the “Annoying” Self Limiting Belief:

Before we close out this post, it’s important to touch on your own emotions when it comes to promoting your products.

Women often share with us that a concern they have is “I don’t want to annoy my potential customers or followers” with the amount of things you share when it comes to promoting things for your business.

But in reality, people want to hear from you. Think about the big box companies you hear from all the time - if you’re on the email list for Target and hear about their new Cartwheel offers for the week, or see an ad on Facebook for a favorite clothing company of yours debuting a new collection, do you want to know about it? Or do you get annoyed?

Probably every single time you see something (unless your wallet tells you no), you’re completely fine with it.

So why would it be different for you sharing the promotions about the products for your business to people who are interested in what you sell?

You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way.


To add to one additional example in to this conversation, Emily Ley and her team at Simplified® do an incredible job of launching their collections each and every year. If you use the Simplified Planner or any of the other products they sell (if you want to save $10 off your order, purchase yours through this referral link!), how many of you know when everything launches way in advance, and know all of the details of all of the products in the collections way before they’re ready?

Chances are, if you use a Simplified Planner, when they do the cover reveal in March for the Academic Planners that launch in April, you already have decided which cover you’ll be purchasing by the time their launch day for Calendar Editions in September comes around. We could go in to so many more details with Emily Ley + Simplified® specifically with how well her launches are planned out and promoted, but to keep this post short(er), we’ll just use that one beautifully planned detail as an example.

When you plan out your promotions in a timely fashion, it gives your audience time to learn more about what you’re creating, learn about the collection, see your heart behind it all, and when launch day comes, finally be able to purchase what they’ve been eyeing for weeks.

If you don’t share your products and services with your clients and customers, they won’t know how many amazing incredible things you have for them, to solve their problems and address their pain points. Stand firm in the truth that you know what they need, and can help them with your products and services. It’s as simple as that.

After reading this post today, take the time to look at your own calendar and determine when to have your promotions and product launches, develop your value-add items and what to do to prep well for your next launches, quarter by quarter. For more help with some items suggested, we hope you’ll enjoy the additional supplements built in to the post.

We look forward to seeing you back here on Friday for one more post in this series, centered on what to learn when planning out your quarter. Make sure to sign up to receive the free download below to receive additional tips and suggestions as we work through this series with you!


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