Permission to Start Over

Erin Kendrick shares how giving herself permission to start over revitalized her and her business.

Today's guest post is written by Erin Kendrick of E. Street Design Co, an event and stationery design company. In addition to event and stationery design, Erin is also visual artist. She attended our Creative Founders conference this past March in Pensacola and since then has opened her online shop and held gallery shows for her art. She is out there getting things done  and she writes about how giving herself permission to start over revitalized her AND her business.

Erin Kendrick of E Street Design Co. writes about giving herself permission to start over in her business.

I was given a simple task at the Creative Founders Conference (formerly known as Stationery Academy). In my workbook I needed to complete the statement, “I am afraid of _______________ because ____________________. After wrestling with myself about how honest I should be, I finally put pen to paper and wrote, “I am afraid of failing because I may appear broken. In my head I repeated it over and over again. The next thing that flowed through my fancy new Le Pen was what my grandmother would refer to as a come to Jesus meeting. I wrote, “…but I am already failing and I am already broken, duh…” It was in that moment that I decided to give myself permission to start over.

Erin Kendrick of E. Street Design Co. Invitation Suite

Permission #1 – Stop it. But I’m a Bad Ass, right?...Actually I was more like Miserable and Exhausted. I associated being busy with being successful but I was really just a slave to my business. I literally worked all day and night. The first thing I had to do was put boundaries on my business. Even though I work from home I set work hours and gave myself days off from both working my business and building my business. The hard part is sticking to the schedule, but these days I’m enjoying my business and my life.

Permission #2 – But why? Creative types are problem solvers so we tend to be good at a lot of things. I’m guilty of saying yes to just about every request my clients make simply because I’m good at it…but what could I be great at? I gave myself some time take a step back and figure out what I truly loved to do. Now I’m putting more effort into perfecting that craft.

Erin Kendrick of E. Street Design Co, tablescape and menu design

Permission #3 – Be a Bad Ass(et) There’s value in what you have to offer. Pricing can sometimes be difficult for women. I’ve learned to remove the emotional aspect of pricing by putting together a price list. I’ve also put some effort into learning how to monetize my greatest asset, myself. I’ve dedicated the last part of this year into clarifying “my voice” and my brand.

These days I’m a lot happier with my life and my business. All because I acknowledged my failure and embraced the need to start from scratch. If you're feeling stagnant, lost or simply unsuccessful, try it. You just might like it.

Thank you Erin for sharing your story. Keep up with Erin on her website, on Facebook and Instagram!