Our Top Chrome Plugins for Trello

Chrome Plugins for Trello - our Favorites for Trello Productivity Tips

You constantly hear people saying Team Trello! or Team Asana! when it comes to productivity tips and we have to be honest, we've flipped back and forth between the two as well. 


However,  when it comes down to it, we settled on Trello, and it truly is a gamechanger here for us as far as our organization and productivity goes since it works well with how we like things to be laid out.  


Like any digital tool, we found that we wanted to make a few adjustments or changes to our preferences, similar to the way you are with most other productivity apps.  I knew what I wanted to be able to achieve, and that was to not have to click nearly as much, not have open as many cards, and be able to see everything without scrolling left and right as much as I did.  So, I set out to find things that would do just that.

Enter Chrome Extensions. 

On a recent scroll through the Extensions available in Google Chrome, when I typed in “Trello”, I discovered that there were hundreds to choose from. Not a couple here and there, but literally hundreds of them.  So, I spent some time pouring through them and although I’m certain there are many more that we could implement, I settled on these seven to share with you today.

This month in our Community class, we’ve been learning SO much about Trello together. From learning how to create commands in Butler to save us multiple steps and activating certain Power-Ups, these plug-ins from Chrome are the icing on the cake. So today, I wanted to share them with you, with a video explanation to go with our two favorites, shown first!  


Favorite Trello Chrome Plug-In Number One:  Collapsible Trello Lists

Do you ever want to be able to focus on just one list or a few of them, and not have to scroll back and forth and back and forth? Collapsible Trello Lists is what you need.  This plug-in, with simply one click, turns your cards and lists into vertical pieces that are still moveable, but they don’t take up nearly as much space. Whether it’s a placeholder or a card you only need to have open during certain times, Collapsible Trello Lists is one of my absolute favorites (no sound to this video, we're simply showing you what it does).


Favorite Trello Chrome Plug-In Number Two:  Next Steps

I am an avid checklist maker - I write down every single thing in a checklist but don’t want to take the extra step to click open a card to scroll down and see the checklist.  Sometimes, I just want to know what I need to do next. Enter Next Steps.

With this plug-in, you can create variations that show within  your checklist - is it the next item you want to see? Or the whole list? Do you have multiple lists you want to keep up with in the same card?  Watch this video below (with the sound on) to learn more about this favorite of ours! Turn the volume on for a step by step explanation.


Additionally, these Extensions are also some of the favorites we discovered, and definitely deserve some attention as well!

Bird’s Eye View - if you ever want to get rid of the gray boxes and see only the white space lists, take a look at Bird’s Eye.  It gives you a little bit less “white space” between each item and cleans them up a bit since there isn’t space between them.  The cards and lists still move around, they’re just not as spacious.

Planyway - Do you want to see select cards and due dates in one calendar format, that links together with your Google Calendar as well?  Planyway attaches to the top or the left of your Trello boards so that you can see when cards with due dates are along with other items as well.

Gmail to Trello - You know that email that you received WEEKS ago that you meant to reply to, but you didn’t because it got buried in your inbox?  Add this plugin, and it’ll create a new card for you in the board of your choice right from your inbox, with links back to the original email included.

Hide Activities Details - Do you want to hide all of the activities features on Trello?  If you add this plugin, it’ll make the activity features hidden, so that all that remains are comments on a card.  This is a great way to clean up that part and especially helpful if you are working on a team with multiple comment threads on a card!

Separators for Trello - Do you want to have longer lists, but add separating lines between certain cards?  Take a look at this plugin. It adds a solid darker gray line between cards and a little bit more white space between them for each of your lists.

We could go on and on and on with all of the available Chrome Extensions, but we’ll stop there for today.  Basically, if you take the time to really think about how you want your Trello interface to look and what you want it to do for you, there are seemingly endless options.   We do want to add as well, keep in mind that these are extensions for your desktop - which means they won't work on your tablet or phone.  Maybe someday, but for now, these are limited only to the computers where you have Chrome added to your Internet Experience.

Play around with a few different Chrome Plug-Ins for Trello and see which ones work the best for you, and if you know of others that we should know about and add them to this list above too, share them with us below in the comments!

Do you want to know even more about Trello? Sign up for our June Community Class, all about Business Planning + Using Trello to Implement them. We’ve been talking all month about different plugins, commands, power-ups, and more, and you are even given a few sample boards to get you all set up and well on your way to using this incredible tool. For more information about this class, visit the Class Information page here!