How to walk the National Stationery Show without embarrassing yourself... Tips to make it great.

We’re heading to the National Stationery Show this weekend. I cannot believe it’s almost here again! We host a shared Stationery Academy booth each year for our conference graduates and we have some awesome people joining us this year. A lot of times, we get mistaken for a rep group, but we’re actually a group of independent stationers. The stationery show doesn’t allow for vendors to share a booth, so it is a privilege. They see value in giving new-comers a chance at exhibiting, but with less overhead of their own booth at first. The hope is that they will be able to see the need for their own booth one day. Did you know, it usually takes about 3 years to start seeing a return on your investment at this show?! Crazy, right?

What it has turned into is a group of experienced wholesalers, who are returning year after year to our booth because it’s a good return on investment. Plus, we have a pretty awesome spot, right up front with some of the larger companies.

Our exhibitor lineup this year!


The National Stationery Show is so great because it is so much more than paper. It really is turning into more of a gift show because stationers are carrying more than just paper.

So, if you have product that you sell that isn’t paper, maybe you have an Etsy shop or an online shop where you sell a product, it could be a valuable experience for you to just see it, even if you never plan on going wholesale. And I could say the same about Stationery Academy.

If you are going to be at the show, or you plan on checking out any other shows like NYNow or even a local craft fair or festival, I want you to consider these etiquette tips when it comes to walking these shows as a non-buyer.

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How to walk the national stationery show without embarrassing yourself... tips to make It great. from Stationery Academy on Vimeo.

Episode Highlights:

  • We answer an email question from Monique asking how to walk the show and register for free.
  • We talk about what to bring with you when you walk the show.
  • Share with you some tips on show etiquette and what not to do.
  • What we cover:
    • proprietary information
    • all about your entry badges
    • how to take pictures and not be a sketch-ball
    • how to be respectful of an exhibitor's space
    • how to connect with people at the show
    • how the supply side can help you find new vendors
    • the comparison trap
    • Don’t forget to visit us in Booth No. 2630 – we have a special contest waiting for you where you can win 3 hours of consulting with us!
    • I also have some consulting spots available if you’re looking to get your product out there, make sure you’re pricing it right or find new resources for printing or production – I’ll be able to help!

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Your homework for today – tell us what I’m missing on my list of what to bring or my etiquette list. Have you had any crazy stories as an exhibitor? Share them below and share this with a friend if they are walking the show.

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