Coaching Spots Open in NYC for the National Stationery Show

Do you wish you just had someone to talk to about your stationery business – someone who has been in the business and in start-up companies for over 10 years who could help you understand what next steps you need to take? Sometimes you just need someone to give you the answers.If you live in New York or will be at the National Stationery Show, Stationery Academy is offering 1 hour 1-on-1's while we're in town. We'd love to meet with you!  

national stationery show, business coach, creative, product, gift, academy
national stationery show, business coach, creative, product, gift, academy
Jennifer was extremely easy to talk to and offered a vast amount of knowledge, feedback and tips that will ultimately help me reach my business goals. I already have a much better grasp of how to start off on the right foot entering the world of wholesale. It is imperative to get coaching from someone who has specialized experience in the business. Jennifer offered constructive feedback and definitely got my wheels turning as to how I can do better. Every question I had was answered. What an amazing resource for my growing business. I already feel ten steps ahead of where I was. I truly got so much out of my coaching call. I feel more confident and prepared to tackle the wholesale industry with a much better understanding of how it all works. #gamechanger - Amanda Graus, All Things Pretty

One-on-one with Jennifer Faught. 60 minutes. You can purchase multiple slots with each person or more than one person. We'll just continue for an additional hour after the starting time you've chosen.Topics: retailer and customer relations, going wholesale - wedding albums, sales, pricing, running an Etsy shop, marketing and advertising, client experience, publicity & style shoots, wedding albums, custom design, legal, your sales process and how to work with brides, your money, productivity, how to plan a successful course, catalogs and line sheets, wholesale, licensing, exhibiting, industry business models, event planning, legal and contracts, policies and procedures, email marketing, websites, landing pages, and so much more!

Meetings will be held on-site, in the Javits Center. We'll contact you with our meeting location the day before your scheduled time.