Marketing for your Creative Business with Amber Housley

Marketing for your Creative Business with Amber Housley, a Guest Post about the Creative Founders Conference
Marketing for your Creative Business with Amber Housley, a Guest Post about the Creative Founders Conference

I don’t think there is an award for this — but this will be my fourth conference with the Society of Creative Founders! I feel pretty special to be returning again and sharing my love and expertise for marketing your creative business.

A lifelong learner, I can’t think of a better way to better yourself and your business than attending conference and retreat experiences such as this one!

When I started my stationery and wedding businesses in 2007, I intentionally sought out educational workshops and conferences. I knew that they held powerful insights and knowledge, not to mention the key to new networking and referral possibilities—so I signed up for as many as I could within my business budget.


That meant I went to some absolutely amazing ones as well as a few that had room for improvement. The Creative Founders Conference, I can assure you, is a top notch return on investment.

This year, I’ll be presenting on Your Call, and covering all things marketing.

You should first know, I have three rules when it comes to marketing your business:

  1. It needs to be planned. If you don’t have a plan, you’re guessing. Hope is not a plan.
  2. Measured. If you aren’t tracking, you’ll never know what’s working or not.
  3. Fun. If you’re not excited about it, no one else is going to be excited about it!

There’s a lot of noise today out in the internet and social media about everything we feel we have to be doing as entrepreneurs.

There’s email newsletters and Instagram and Pinterest and SEO and #allthethings. It can be so confusing and overwhelming and, worst of all, distracting!

If you’re running a side hustle or only have a limited number of hours to work on your business (hello, mamas!) you’re probably wondering which marketing tactics are THE MOST important to implement…and this is where I’m going to spend the most time during my session in sharing the best marketing strategies for your products and services.

A few of the topics I’ll cover include:

- Creating a foundation for your marketing

- Exploring the solutions your product offers & the story you tell

- Brainstorm campaign activities

- Learn how to set objectives & measure outcomes

- Brainstorm content & keywords

- Sales Funnels 101

A lot of times with marketing, we get caught up in all the shiny things and all the how, that we don’t spend enough time on the why. The why is also what I’m hoping to impart with you at this upcoming conference. That, and a healthy love of planning -- and numbers.

If there’s anything that I’ve learned in 15+ years of marketing in corporate America and in my entrepreneurial ventures, it is this: numbers can be your best friend. If you just know the right way to look at numbers and analyze how a marketing campaign worked in the past, you can better predict your outcome for next time.  

Numbers and data are your friend and unlock so much amazing information. All of my marketing plans are based on that strategy, and it’s one that works!

I look forward to seeing you in April at the Spring Creative Founders Conference. Register now for your seat.