Learning About Your Creative Business in a Group Environment

Learning About Your Creative Business in a Group Environment. Why learning & Community go hand in hand. One thing I love about this crazy little creative business community we have is that some pretty awesome connections are being formed. Like never before, we’re able to collaborate and support people all over the globe.

It’s important to start building your network that right away because when you combine learning and community, you can build confidence and the knowledge to run your creative business better and skills can be sharpened at any level.

Community saves us from isolation and is about finding a place we can call home.

One thing that I think we have in common as creative business owners is that we can share our challenges, obstacles, and mistakes with each other and get feedback - we’re able to help and teach each other.

We learn better together.

Your sense of purpose will change with community at the center of your learning. It ads a new dimension to your life, business, and knowledge.

Not many people know this, but I minored in psychology. So, when I started seeing that our SCF Conference and Course members were really having a lot of success and seemed to be coaching each other within our groups, I had to research to see if there was a reason behind their immediate growth in knowledge and community. (I’m about to “nerd-out” on you a bit...warning!)

What I found was that there is scientific research behind this “community learning” thing. If you’re in the education field, you probably already know this.

It’s scientifically proven that when you learn together and discuss what you learn, you absorb the information better and make it your own by applying it to your situation.

  • 90% of us learn when we teach someone
  • 75% of us learn when we practice what we learned
  • 50% of what we learn is when engaged in a group discussion

Sure, you could listen to a video or read a blog post, but you’ll learn and retain information better when you’re learning as a group.

In creative business communities of a group learning environment, we develop a support system, have accountability, and overall participation.

It’s so easy for us to get isolated, to get lost in huge online groups, for our posts or questions to go un-noticed, or for groups not to be a good fit for our specific trade. >>> The answer is to teach, to support, to join, to implement, to become a community... that’s how you really learn.

So why are we trying to find answers in massive community groups of people who don’t actually know your business?

I encourage you to find a smaller, curated, trade or industry specific group and build real relationships. Guess what? We’re creating one and you can get on the waitlist - and have the opportunity for early access - here.

P.S. If you’re a maker, artist, or designer looking for an industry specific online group, join the waitlist to get in our smaller, curated community.