Launching Your Product: Behind The Scenes Steps

It all starts with an idea… maybe you have an idea to create something because you have a problem or need of your own you’re trying to fulfill. Maybe you have an idea to create something because you want to inspire people, or you want to help people fulfill a passion they have. Maybe you have a passion for creating and people have always told you to sell what you’re creating. Or maybe, you already have a product or collection that you launched without validating, testing or researching and you need to re-evaluate and adjust your plan.It’s in everyone of us to want to jump right in and make our idea come to life. We always want to jump right to the end where it’s out there, ready for people to buy. It’s important to resist that urge for 2 reasons:

  1. you’ll set yourself up for frustrating setbacks you could have prevented with planning
  2. you’ll set yourself up for failure and a lot of wasted money you could have projected with planning


Why? Because if you start by just trying to get it out there, you’ll keep realizing there is another task in the way of reaching the end goal. Before you put your new product in your shop, you have to order samples, take pictures, figure out pricing, packaging, and all those things. And if you do just order something on a whim and get it in your shop, you may not have the right messaging, pricing, or audience and then you’ve wasted money on a prototype or sample and your product might not be as successful as you’d hoped. When it comes to launching a product, there are a lot of resources, timelines, advice, and books for you to devour, but those seem to be for tech companies or something that doesn’t related to our creative industries. They also tend to be vague and more marketing and launch-phase focused. For a business like ours, in the  stationery and gift industry, it’s different. It’s important to focus on the product development aspect of your product well before you get your product in front of consumers. What we see from other’s product launches are the execution phase - the launch. We don’t see the months of testing and validating and planning that go on before a product is put out there in the product development and pre-launch phase. If you aren’t sure what that pre-launch and product development phase is supposed to look like, or you aren’t sure if you’re doing it the right way, we can help.


We’re hosting a free webinar, Launching Your Product: A Behind-the-Scenes Road Map Before You Promote on August 30th at 2pm and August 31 at 7pm CST.


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It’s totally free. It’s a mostly pitch-free webinar. We’ll be talking a little bit about our 2016 Creative Founders Course, but the majority of our webinar will be jam-packed with great content with no-fluff. We’ll be sharing the phases and steps to a perfect product pre-launch so you can take action. We’re going to start with Due Diligence and Planning, move on to Development and Design, and then Marketing Planning which are part of the Product Development and Pre-Launch Phase. We’re going to talk about the behind-the-scenes phases that you need to complete before you launch into your marketing execution, like: mission statements, SWOT analysis, your value proposition, brand standards and signature style, prototypes, packaging, developing your message, ideal client personas, validating revenue, determining product launch costs, and goal setting. It’s a lot to cover and we’ll fly through it, but we’ll also tell you where you can get a deeper understanding of these topics, too.


These are the parts that lay a foundation for you and your business and a successful product.


Everything we’ll talk about are things that we cover in detail our online, 7-week, virtual course through our six pillars. After the course, graduates have all the tools, knowledge, and information you’ll need to execute your launch - we even do some of this work in the course, together.


If you want to get your free Product Launch Checklist and Phase Timeline, sign up for our free webinar here!