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Writing a Mission Statement for your Business - Society for Creative Founders

"So, what do you do?"

How many times are you asked that question and get a little uncomfortable, because you either (a) aren't confident in your answer or (b) aren't sure the best way to answer it, so you just kind of wrestle your way through it?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The way to make answering this question a lot easier is by doing one foundational thing for your business. And today, we've got a step by step rundown on how to make it a question that you begin to answer with confidence and the knowledge that will have you never wanting to shy away from it again.

And it all begins with crafting a mission statement for your business, followed by developing a strong elevator pitch that mingles well with it.  A mission statement is supposed to be the foundation of everything you do for your business, so you want to make sure it aligns well.

What is a mission statement? Simply put, it's brief statement about what it is that you do and who you do it for, using easily understood words so that even if people aren't in your industry, they know what you do and want to learn more.

We wanted to give you a detailed guide to walk you through creating a mission statement, so that you can really put a lot of thought into it all and have it reflect who you are as a whole. Get out a pencil and your favorite notebook because this is an actionable blog post today, my friends. We’re going to write out who you are, your business core values, what you do, and so much more, blending it all together at the end in one powerful sentence that you will be able to say confidently. So, let’s get started!

STEP ONE: Who are YOU?

To get started with your mission statement, start thinking about the basics of who you are as an individual.  Who are you and what are your core values, both as an individual and as a business owner?

What matters to you most to do, and what do you absolutely not want to be known for?  Do you want to be known for being kind and helpful?

Do you want to make sure that people know that you are not one who speaks negatively, or puts others down?

Write it all down! The reason for doing things like this is by digging in deep to who you are and who you are not, you're beginning to establish a core set of values of what is the most important.  Normally, they overlap between your personal life and your business, because when people meet you, one of the biggest compliments they can give you is "you're the same person in real life as you are online!" So, spend some good time jotting down notes and working through this step by step.

STEP TWO:  Who is your Ideal Client?

By trying to speak to everyone, you're essentially speaking to no one.  With every single item that your business produces, you want to know who it is for, what problem it solves, who will need it, and why that person in particular will enjoy it.  Think about who your ideal client is and what they enjoy.

By creating an ideal client profile and keeping this at the forefront of who your mission statement is for, this will help you to make sure it is in line with the business you want to build.

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STEP THREE:  What are your Business Power Words?

What are the words you think about when you think about your business? These are the words you want to weave into your copy, that can become words that you want to be known for and use consistently in your marketing. This may be words like professional, unique, handmade, high-quality etcetera.  Think about the ones that you want to use consistently that you want other people to use when talking about your business.  

Society for Creative Founders Mission Statement

STEP FOUR:  What do you believe?

This is where you're going to truly begin to put all of the pieces together.  Looking at the items you've written so far, write complete statements on what you believe to be true in your business, beginning with these words:

"At {business name}, we believe ___________________. "

For example, "At the Society for Creative Founders, we believe that every business owner can be successful given the right tools."

"At __________, we believe that a powerful painting can change the world."

"At ________, we believe in simplifying the act of gift-giving."

"At _______ , we believe that the perfect notecard can say all the words you're looking for."


The reason we suggest to start it with your business name is because when you say these statements out loud, you want to make sure that they hold true.  If you say them and they sound funny or not quite right, go back to the drawing board and try again.  Remember, you are the one writing these down, so you are the one who gets to decide what these statements are and say about your business!

STEP FIVE:  What does your business accomplish for others who buy from you?

This is where sometimes it gets a little tricky, so take a deep breath before doing this one.  Why do people want to buy things from YOU? What can your business do for them, what pain points does it solve, why should they buy from you?

Let's say, for example, you are an artist and you paint beautiful paintings.  What problem are you solving for your ideal customer, who may have no artistic talent, doesn't want to spend $193 at a craft store trying to DIY their way through it, and simply wants to purchase a painting from you because with a couple of clicks or a swipe of their card, professional-looking artwork can be on their walls instantly? What talents and gifts do you possess that you want to share with them, specifically through your artwork?

Or, let's go to the world of wedding invitations.  What do you know about wedding invitations that sets you apart from everyone else?  Is it the time you spend investing in quality papers, learning about manufacturing methods, time you spend pairing the perfect ribbon type or creating the most distinctive monogram that makes you an expert in your field? When thinking about your ideal client, why do they want to work with you rather than simply designing their own and printing them out on copy paper? (okay, so the copy paper may be a bit of a stretch and honestly makes me flinch just thinking about it .... but you see where I'm going with this overall!)

Writing a Mission Statement for your Business - Society for Creative Founders

STEP SIX:  What do you do?

This one is normally the easiest one to put together for people.  Simply list out what it is that you do, one by one.

Do you help people bring their ideas to life?

Do you create watercolor paintings, letterpress prints, or canvases?

Do you make bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that are beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces?

Do you design beautiful websites, so that the people you work with have a more professional presence online?

STEP SEVEN:  Group like-items together.

Now, look back at everything you've done so far. Are there certain items that you can group together in their own stand-alone phrases where you can add in your power words, that you can use as snippets of copy on your website and on social media, to help people understand what it is that you do and have them nodding their head in agreement only by reading a few short phrases?

For example, "We provide tips to help make gift giving and celebrating others easier, and offer services to help you focus on what's most important."

"Our products are truly one of a kind pieces of art, with each one customized specifically for you."

"A wedding invitation designed specifically for that once in a lifetime day can hold a powerful set of emotions when holding it lovingly in your hands, and we want to help you to bring it to life."

STEP EIGHT:  Put it all together into one powerful phrase!

Mission Statement Template - Society for Creative Founders

This is the hardest part.  Now, you have all of these words, statements, and sentences that you've jotted down. So now, look back at everything you've written and circle what the most important things are, which ones stand out the most. Then, read those you circled out loud one by one.  From reading it over and over, there should be ONE distinct summary statement that stands out to you, and you should be able to say it in one concise sentence.

Your business name creates / makes / designs / does (choose one) to help your ideal client (simplified) by / do / with (choose one) what your business does (simplified).

Fill in the item above and say your mission statement out loud .... how does it make you feel about your business?  Does it reflect what it is you do, where you want your business to go, who your business is for, and most importantly, who you are at the core of your business?

If the answer is yes and it makes you stand a little taller or beam with confidence when you say it out loud, then you've got your mission statement!

After you've written your business mission statement, the most important thing to do is make sure to revisit it as the months and years go by in your business to make sure what you’re doing now coincides with what you originally wrote. If you wrote a mission statement five years ago for your business, chances are that it may have changed.  Plug in a recurring reminder to Asana or in your planner every six months or so for you to revisit your mission statement and see if it needs to be revised as your business grows and changes.

So now, we have a challenge for you!  We want to hear YOUR Mission Statement when it’s complete, and challenge you to share it with us on Social Media! We've created a fill-in-the-blank story set right here on Instagram for you to use ... feel free to use this as a template, or create your own.

Tag us on Instagram at @creativefounders so that we can read your mission statement and get to know more of the heart behind your business. You know what you were designed to do for your business, now all you need to do is tell everyone else so that they can encourage and support you on this incredible journey as well.

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