How to Use Stop Motion Video for your Creative Business

How to get started using stop-motion video for your creative business - Society for Creative Founders

For the last four weeks, Sarah of Signet Sealed has been leading an incredible class all about Stop Motion Video in our Community.  It has been such a great class and those participating are turning out some pretty amazing videos!  Last week, we shared seven ways to use video for Social Media Marketing.  Today, we are continuing on this topic and have Sarah on our blog sharing her thoughts on everything regarding this specific topic.  Read below for all of the details!

Hey there! Sarah here. If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve been leading a class on using Stop Motion for your business for the Society for Creative Founders, and today I’m going to chat with you about how to incorporate those videos into everything you’re doing!! AKA how to squish every time little use out of the painstaking care you put into creating this incredible video. Because believe me, I know, it took you a gooood second to put it all together. (If you haven’t tried stop motion yet, don’t be scared! You’ll pick it up in no time and it’ll get so much faster! You’re great!)

Okay so FIRST OF ALL let’s cover the obvious one one everyone’s mind- instagram. Post the vid! Even if it isn’t perfect, even if it’s a little shaky or the lighting shifts, I promise you, no one but you will notice. Post away! Same goes for Facebook- share it on your business Facebook Page, and then share that post on your personal wall (more on that in a minute). Creating something like this is not only an achievement for you, but is exciting for those around you. Make sure to stick it in their face! I know on social media it can feel like we’re screaming the same things over and over and over again, but with the algorithm changes and with so many other competing voices, even when you post about the same thing multiple times, people may only see one.

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Separately (but related) - use your Instagram Stories to let people see the behind-the-scenes. Post photos of the setup (even if it’s an old photo, and not from the specific posting day), how you’re using the equipment, and what you’re working on. This will help people get excited, and feel like they’re in on it, too. I think that’s the beauty of instagram Stories- without worrying about having a perfectly consistent, curated feed, we can be free to let our followers in on our daily lives and pull back the curtain. Personally, I LOVE seeing the behind-the-scenes of my favorite people to follow. If I love their art, I probably also want to know what color their KitchenAid mixer is, you know?

I touched on Facebook but I want to circle back- I firmly believe that video is taking over the world of social media, and it is so so evident on Facebook. Try something with me - okay, you really have to actually try this to make it work. Click over to your personal Facebook feed. How many posts do you see before a video? How many of the first ten posts that you see are videos? For me it was 3/10 videos, which I feel like is probably below average. My point is that video is engaging, and growing, and makes people stop scrolling and sit and watch. So absolutely - use this! Post on Facebook, and experiment with Facebook Ads if you’re interested. A super engaging stop motion video with your well-placed product is perfect content for the facebook audience. For a Facebook Ad, focus with your caption and links moreso on the product than the process - your audience, friends and family will be excited about the process and about you learning stop motion, but your customers, potential customers and ideal client will be more excited about the product itself and seeing it in action!

Also- blog about it! Blog about using stop motion in your business, and either link to the video or embed them into your website! People will be interested and curious, so show them what you’re up to. As a bonus, you might just encourage someone else to try stop motion, or just to try something new in their business.

Bottom line is : post it everywhere! Be transparent, and excited. Share what you’ve learned, and let people see the process. There are people rooting for you, and being excited yourself will give them permission to be enthusiastic about this new project.

We couldn't let this post go without including two ideas for video for you, so here you go!

This first video is one that Sarah of Signet Sealed used on Instagram to share about her new mug collections on Instagram:




And THIS video is the first one that Lisa, one of our Community Members and letterpress artist at Lisa M Payne Studio, ever created after she learned from Sarah! Lisa is a letterpress artist, and this video shows how she gets type set up for a tiny type series.  Pretty incredible, if we do say so ourselves!


Sarah, thank you so much for being a part of our Community and teaching an amazing class this month. We all learned so much and definitely are looking forward to adding this new skill to our businesses!

If you would like to learn how to do stop-motion video, we would love to have you in our Community! Sign up to join us here.