Guest Post: Give Bright: Tips on How to Give Great Gifts All Year Long

We are excited to have Bridget here with us today reminding us that it's important to take the time to celebrate our loved ones and sharing her tips on how to do that with less stress!  



As creatives, we are so busy helping others celebrate life that we often forget to celebrate our own. With that can come procrastination or last minute splurges on the gifts we purchase for our loved ones.  We are busy juggling the demands of life: family, friends, health, and our business.  We are well-rounded and are able to multi-task, but with multi-tasking comes the challenge of time. We want to be unique and creative in our gift-giving, but we either end up spending money on last minute fees, go with generic items on the gift registry, or end up giving them a good ‘ol bottle of bubbly.  


I found myself doing this very thing over my summer break, when you would think I have all the time in the world. I didn’t think ahead and found myself giving the generic gift registry item.  Normally, when I give a gift I’m super excited for the person to open it because they can see the thought I put into it.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. The picture of their face as they open a beautiful gift makes gift preparation worth it!


Just like our clients, when it comes to gift-giving, we look at Pinterest and blogs of other creative, like-minded, busy women for inspiration. However, there is still the struggle to find the time to get it done. Our multi-tasking life doesn’t give us much time to run our businesses and still find the time to buy the supplies needed, add our own twist, and most importantly, create what we envisioned.  


My company, Make Spirits Bright, encourages and simplifies gift giving while alleviating the stress of giving gifts. We take the guesswork out of what to give and how to present it.  Here are three easy tips on how you can do to stress less and give great gifts year round:


1.  Keep a perpetual calendar of birthdays and other gift giving occasions.  Don’t have one? You can download the Give Bright All Year Long calendar I created just for you!  My Mom is the best at reminding me of family birthdays, but I created the Give Bright calendar so that I can keep track myself. This year, one of my goals is to use my calendar to think ahead and get back to sending snail mail to celebrate my family and friends’ special days.




2. Shop for cute gift wrap, bags, tissue paper, tape, ribbons, cute containers, etc, when you’re out and about. Then create a “give bright” prep box full of go-to goodies to brighten up any gift.  This will not only save you time but also money from those last minute trips to Target!  

Almost 7 years ago, I bought curly ribbon in my favorite colors and still use it today to brighten up gifts. Remember, it’s those little things that count and make your gifts “brighter”. My boyfriend has a sweet tooth and and has too many favorite candies to choose from. For his recent birthday, since I had all of the gift wrap items on hand already, I was able to focus on finding all of his favorite candies instead of running around trying to find the perfect ribbon. I had fun putting it all together with items from my give bright prep box.


3. Designate a space in your house to store gifts (like candles, notepads, napkins, coozies, and even cards) that you find on your random shopping trips. Just because you picked the gift out ahead of time doesn’t mean it’s not authentic! It’s all in the thought that’s behind it, and of course, how you brighten it up.

Just today, I picked out the the perfect card from my stash to celebrate my Nana’s 92nd birthday. I bought it months ago when I had the time to search through the many cards available. My family can’t get enough of Dachshunds and I find myself picking up any and every Dachshund card I can find. I never know who it’s for, but like they say, things happen for a reason, and when the time is right the card will go to the perfect person.  Often when you go to look for the perfect gift or card, you can’t find it. So why not keep some of your favorite gift items on hand for those times when you’re shoulders deep in orders or get invited to a last minute party or event?


These three tips will help gift giving go from just another task on your to-do list back to a way to celebrate important people in your life!


It is better to give than receive and not just at certain times of the year. Why not think ahead, prep, and give bright all year long!


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xoxo Bridget


PS: Make Spirits Bright would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for a few Stationery Academy Alum. Without their support, I wouldn’t be where I am today, launching my dream business in 2016.  

Thank you to Maghon Walker of All She Wrote Notes for rekindling my love for creating and gift giving. Maghon brightened my life when she encouraged me to take a leap and enroll in Creative’s Academy.  

During the Academy I met Stationery Academy President, Jennifer Faught who gave me all the tools and a map to follow to make my dreams come true.  My experience gave me the foundation I needed to get started.  

While in Creative’s Academy, I was introduced to Emily Roach-Griffin, who was our coach for the week.  After spending the week with her in Creative’s Academy, I saw that she was offering a “Branding: From the Inside Out” course. I didn’t hesitate to sign up and knew it would help with the one thing missing: my business name and logo.

I’m so blessed that I have crossed paths with these 3 bright creatives and look forward to meeting more this March at Stationery Academy in Pensacola. I’ve made more progress in creating my dream business in 4 months than I have since I worked at one of my favorite jobs at La d Da boutique in Wilson, NC in college, over 10 years ago.  I cannot wait for the official launch of Make Spirits Bright and what the future has in store!

Maghon, Jennifer, and Emily:  There might be a #GiveBrightBox in your future...