Goal Setting Truths and Working on Meaningful Tasks

Poor productivity isn't why you're distracted with squirrel! moments. Learn more about goal setting for creative business owners.
Poor productivity isn't why you're distracted with squirrel! moments. Learn more about goal setting for creative business owners.

This is lesson 1 of a four-part series called "Too Many Ideas, Not Enough Time! Challenge" Class.

I recently returned from speaking at a conference, where we were divided into small discussion groups. Our group was made up on Etsy shop owners, stationers, illustrators, and designers.

Myself and the other group leaders decided we’d start the discussion by going around the group and simply sharing what what’s going well and what we’re struggling with in our creative businesses.  

What we heard from everyone was:

  • “I’m not sure where do I go next”,
  • “I’m not sure what direction to take”,
  • “I don’t know what trends will sell next year”, and
  • “I’m completely burned out”.

What I heard from those comments were:

  • I haven’t set a vision and goals for my business
  • I have so many ideas and not enough time - I’m distracted by “squirrel moments”
  • I’m basing my ideas on trends instead of basing them on goals and a vision, and
  • I’m not working on meaningful things



Fear and uncertainty was a huge concern for each of these women – those things that, deep down, we don’t want to admit to ourselves, much less, our peers. But, in that safe environment, we were able to connect with each other and help support each other.

Friends, if you are feeling this way too (which I suspect you are or you wouldn’t be reading this), you may think that you’re just too distracted and not able to get enough checked off your list, or you have so many ideas that you aren’t sure which to execute.

None of your hard work matters if you are working on the wrong things.

How do you know if you’re working on the wrong things?

A lot of people talk about productivity, and it can start to seem that the whole point is to do more in less time. And while that’s true in a way, it leaves out something I find really important.

Productivity is really about doing what matters to you - in a more efficient and effective way - so the time you spend working is more meaningful.

And the outcome is that you have the time to spend on things that are meaningful to you outside of work, like your family, your pets, giving back, rest and relaxation, and so on.

It’s about figuring out what’s most important and meaningful to you, and what moves your business and your life forward so you can reach your goals and dreams—and then getting those things done in the most efficient and effective way possible.


Tomorrow, in Lesson 2: Live and Business Vision, we’ll work on taking what you’ve uncovered in Lesson 1 and thinking about what you want your life and business to be like, which is the beginning of starting to see which of your ideas are the best ones to implement.

Now it’s time to take action!  This is step 1 in our challenge. Take a little time to do what was suggested in this post and complete the exercises. Remember, earning is just knowledge until it’s implemented, so dothework.