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This is lesson 2 of a four-part series called "Too Many Ideas, Not Enough Time! Challenge" Class. You can read lesson 1 here. To learn more, read this post about the class. To join in, register here and get both the pre-challenge workbook and the Class Workbook (25 pages of awesome content to go from 1,001 ideas to your best ideas!). On to todays lesson!

My mom came to visit for Thanksgiving. Early Sunday morning, with a regrettably early flight, we set off to take her to the airport for her flight home. When we got out of our neighborhood, I realized you couldn’t even see the skyline of downtown Nashville.

The fog was so dense, we couldn’t even see bridge overpasses until we were just about under them. Visibility was only a few feet!

We could only see what was just in front of us and were hoping not to find someone who forgot to turn on their lights or other road hazard.

This 6am trip to the airport in the fog made me think about this class and how it relates to goal setting...

When we skip a very important step in goal setting and planning for the year ahead, it’s like driving through thick fog - we can only see what’s right in front of us. We’re focused on only that and hoping we don’t hit any hazards.

goal setting is not the most important part of reaching your dreams. don't leave out this important step for creative business owners


That fog contains our goals - the things that are up close and near. These are short term goals - the things that we must critically accomplish so we can reach long term goals.

But when short term goals don’t go as planned, it totally throws us off course for that long term vision. And we can be our own worst critic, thinking, “I can’t even hit this small goal. How am I going to reach the big ones?”

Which causes us to stress out and lose focus and enter “survival mode”, and not focusing on the end goal.

Does feeling like you’re running your business in dense fog feel familiar to you? Thought so.


Raise your hand if you watched the olympics this year! I know I was glued to the t.v., especially during swimming, diving, and gymnastics.

Do you remember seeing the athletes standing off to the side, just before they take position with their head down, envisioning their movements and moving their arms with the twists and turns they needed to complete?

I did the same as a ballet dancer for so many years before a performance. I would find a place in the depths of backstage where I could quietly concentrate and walk through my routine before going on stage.

It’s what we call visioning.

And so many of us skip business vision when it comes to planning for our business.

Why? Because...

  • it makes you feel uncomfortable
  • it feels like a waste of time
  • it’s in the way of just getting to goal setting
  • you may hate personal reflecting
  • you aren’t a “woo woo” type person


What if I told you creating a business vision is one of the most powerful tools you can do? And that without it, it’s like driving through fog - you can only see what’s right in front of you.

So many people skip the most important part of goal setting. When you don’t do visioning exercises, your goals don’t work for you and don’t line up with what you want to bring to life.

With vision, you have fog lights on your car and a lighthouse at the final destination to help guide you. If you don’t “set north” with a vision, you’ll  never know how to get there.

Developing your business vision is what keeps you out of the trenches, from feeling overwhelmed, and from stressing over the day-to-day struggles of being a creative business owner.

With a business vision, you know what motivates and inspires you.

I am sure you have heard of creating a business vision board. Most of us include the things we think motivate us. But, it should focus on how you want to feel, not just the material things that you want, too.

How to create a life and business vision for creative business owners and set goals

So, that’s where we’re going to start in today’s lesson: Life and Business Vision.

It will require some quiet time with no distractions. It will challenge you (isn’t that why you’re here!?) But, it will also be the lighthouse you need to guide you in your journey. We’ll “set north” on your business’s compass so you know exactly where to go next. We’ll do a simple lesson on visioning what we want to feel, which is actually a fun and “woo woo” free worksheet!


Check it out by signing up to watch the video below.


Too many ideas, not enough time! Goal setting for creative business owners. Create your business and life vision.

Tomorrow, we’ll work on taking what you’ve uncovered in Lesson 2 and start to make more sense of how to reach these big visions and dreams you have. I know thinking this big can be overwhelming and can seem so far away, so we’ll make it more tangible by breaking it down some more. We’ll uncover yet another goal-setting misconception and thing that many people don’t know when it comes to setting goals!

Now it’s time to take action!  This is step 2 in our challenge. Take a little time to do what was suggested in this email and complete the exercises. Remember, earning is just knowledge until it’s implemented, so do the work.

Then, you’ll receive the next lesson tomorrow) that will continue to help you figure out which of you 1,001 ideas to execute next year. And I promise, with my specific process, they will pop right out, waving their arms screaming, “I’m the one! Pick me!”. It will be that obvious!

Our final lesson will come on Friday, December 2nd, at 11am Eastern/8am Pacific, with a LIVE workshop.

And I encourage you to participate in the discussion in the Facebook group. You’ll learn a lot on your own, but you’ll learn even more if you share your ideas, your wins, your struggles, and your encouragement with others in your community.

See you tomorrow with Lesson 3!



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