Piecing Together Courses and Coaching

How Free Coaching, Courses, and Facebook Groups Won't Help You Move the Needle on Your Business

Piecing Together Courses and Coaching - How free coaching, courses and Facebook groups won't help you


How Free Coaching, Courses, and Facebook Groups Won’t Help You

Picture this: You’re struggling with something in your business—a decision you’re not sure how to make, a problem you’re not sure how to solve, a super-exciting opportunity you’re a little afraid of. You’ve spent a lot of time thinking about where to go next, and you’re just plain stuck. I’ve totally been there - recently, too.
What do you do?

You could try to puzzle it out yourself—scrambling for answers and ideas on blog posts, Periscope, and…um…Netflix? But that hasn’t been working so far.

Or you could hop on Facebook and post your question in a few free groups, but that already makes you feel tired—because you know you’ll get such a wide range of input that you’ll be no further along than you were when you started out. And you’re pretty sure a lot of the responses will be from people who are trying to sell you something (rather than generously helping you).

But finding a supportive, encouraging, engaged community—that also provides real, usable resources to help you grow—isn’t always easy.

I’m guessing:

  • You've joined a bunch of free Facebook groups, but are getting disheartened as group after group gets way too big and fills up with self-promoters and snide-remark-makers. Everyone seems to be at a different point in their business or have a different way of going about things, and you have the sneaking suspicion that way too many people are in it only for themselves. You’re just not connecting with anyone in the way you had hoped.
  • You’ve found some kindred spirits online-through Instagram-, most likely, or maybe a rare gem in one of those Facebook groups—but keeping up with them isn’t always easy.You all have a lot on your plates, and your intention to invite them all to join a mastermind or hang out in person just ends up seeming like a lot of work.
  • You’ve downloaded tons of free resources, ebooks, webinars, and checklists that you’re told you “need,” but when you are looking for help with a specific question, you’re not always sure where to turn. You know there are gaps in your resource base, but you’re just not sure what to do about them.
We all want the time and energy we spend on our business to be focused and productive—so we can get back to our dog, kids, friends, and life. Instead, we end up spending a lot of effort piecing together a series of courses, communities, groups, and coaches that we hope will help move our business forward.
But they don’t always pay off—and even when they do, you still have to spend time looking for the next right step to take. You end up feeling like a hit-or-miss detective rather than a business owner.

We’re on a mission to change that.

This SCF Community is here to help you create a strong foundation for your entire business within a supportive, intimate community. I know your frustrations because I’ve been where you are.
We’re creating a place where you will gain the knowledge and skills you need to move your creative business forward—in a supportive environment with other creative business owners just like you, where you feel safe to share your struggles and your victories.

If you know in your gut you need to be a part of it, join the pre-launch enrollment waitlist. Our new community will open in a few weeks.


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P.S. Our new Community is packed with resources, classes, and “quick wins” to help you grow your business like a founder—and learn alongside your feels-like-home community. You can learn at your own pace, and get help when and where you need it—rather than being forced through a lesson when you don’t quite need it yet (or feel like you’re doing well in that area for now). Join the Pre-Launch Enrollment Waitlist now.