FOMO, Envy, Comparison, and Interruptions

social-media-intentional-fomo-envy-comparison-interruptions-facebook-instagram-creative-founders-makers-artists-designers-stationery--membership-community-Blog-Pinterest While Facebook has been around for about a decade, this “group” thing is still pretty new and most of you are probably early adopters as members of at least one. They have been a catalyst for a movement among creative entrepreneurs to come together in community.

While they are wonderful places to connect, they are also places where we can be distracted, waste time, and face that internal comparison struggle we all have. Studies show that the more time we’re on social media, the more common FOMO is and the higher our anxiety levels are. Not cool.

While not all are this way, many Facebook groups have turned into a place where everyone is screaming their program, successes, opportunities, ideas, coaching, et al from the rooftops, instead of intentionally connecting. It’s like some form of social validation, and it’s exhausting.

A quick survey in one of my groups showed that we were all in an average of 30 groups, and most people mentioned they never check in on most of them. If I’m being honest with myself, I’m still in most of my groups because I’m afraid we might miss something.

We have a “fear of missing out” (FOMO) so we spend the first seconds of our mornings with our faces in our phones, checking our groups for updates. It isn’t just only the fear of missing out, it’s realizing you may be left out. Ouch.

Using our time intentionally on social media is really important for not only our productivity but also our mindset.

It’s the fear of making a wrong choice, a fear that someone else is going to get to it (or worse - did get to it) first, or a fear of missing an opportunity for collaboration. It’s a fear that somewhere, someone is creating more connections, making more money, having more success, or leading a more curated life.

Facebook groups are supposed to be a place where we can go to connect. But many times, it isn’t connection - it’s interruption - an interruption of your own plans and dreams. When you are constantly in comparison to what others are doing (those thoughts, if even unconscious, are there and you know it), you’re allowing yourself to take your eye off the ball. This journey is already hard enough, so let’s commit to staying out of the loop sometimes. Great things may be happening out there and people are excited to share them, but these are not your things.

So, the next time you find yourself with FOMO, here’s what you need to ask yourself:

  • Why you are feeling this way?
  • Is this really something you want?
  • Does this align with my longterm goals?
  • Is this something that is really viable for me to accomplish right now?

Being in control of how you decide to interact and what constitutes ‘success’ in your journey is the key. How you do that is by developing clear goals and dreams and a path you forge for yourself, without distraction.

P.S. We’re creating a place for us to spend our time intentionally without the distraction of Facebook.

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