Exciting News and Announcements!

Exciting News and Announcements from Society for Creative Founders

Friends, I have some exciting news!

In 2012, I attended a little conference in the quiet beach town of Pensacola called Stationery Academy. It was by chance I was there. Missing the first conference the previous summer, some last minute openings and scholarships came available and I took a leap of faith to attend. I never knew that a little over a year from that conference, I would be at the helm of that ship, fostering a budding community at Society For Creative Founders.

What started as a once-per-year conference grew into a huge community with business training and learning opportunities, both online and in person, for creative entrepreneurs multiple times a year.

In July 2015, at our eighth conference in Phoenix, I met Kristin Wilson. She was shifting her business from wedding planning to stationery design, which she did successfully within six months after attending our conference. Since then, she’s had both an online and an Etsy shop, a product line in local stores, wedding stationery, branding, and speaking, all while raising two beautiful children.

With her event planning background and love for this community, I asked Kristin to help me plan the 2016 conference in Pensacola at the beautiful Lee House, and then again in 2017 as the planner and a speaker. We became closer and walked along side each other’s businesses as advisors to each other and friends.

Last March, I watched her pour herself into the women who attended our conference over the past two years, listened to her 1-on-1 coaching sessions last March, and saw how much valuable information and support she was able to give to them.

As I sat in the living room at the Lee House last March, quietly catching up on things, saying “goodbye” to each attendee, I knew my heart was leading me elsewhere. It was a bittersweet and peaceful moment as I left the Lee House and Pensacola that day.

A few weeks later, I reached out to Kristin to ask if she would be interested in fostering this community further and to become the new owner of Society For Creative Founders. With a lot of long phone chats and prayer, we both knew this was the path we were being lead down.

Society for Creative Founders - A New Journey and Exciting Announcements
Society for Creative Founders - A New Journey and Exciting Announcements

As for my next phase, I’ve never really stopped being a marketing consultant, which is what I will continue to do in my next phase, and I will continue volunteering in my community. I will be here with Kristin during this transition as a consultant and advisor. This community is in fully capable hands, as Kristin has years of experience in all areas of this industry. She has new (and better) ideas, a huge heart for serving others, and continues to work in this industry as a wedding stationery designer.

We met for a planning session last month in Pensacola. I am excited to see new energy and ideas as well as tradition in the months and years to come with Kristin at the helm. As we looked out over the beach before leaving, I glanced back at the hotel next door, where I had just 5 years earlier walked into a little conference called Stationery Academy. Everything had come full circle as I was passing the torch to someone who can lead this community into its next phase with fresh ideas and new energy.

With that, I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to the new owner of the Society For Creative Founders, Kristin Wilson of Grace and Serendipity!   

Goodness.  Typing this for you all to read feels surreal.  I can not even begin to put into words what this means to me, other than sharing my tremendous gratitude and try to express how much this means to me to be a part of this with you in this way from the very beginning.  I have felt called to be a part of this community for a very long time, and when Jennifer approached me about becoming the new owner a few months ago, it felt like the right decision to say yes from the very beginning.  As Jennifer stated above, we both believe that this is what has been planned for the two of us together for a very long time - the way things have lined up and little subtle nudges that have been subtly placed within both of our hearts both individually and discussed together in our relationship these last couple of years has been incredible to witness for us both.  

I have a tremendous love in my heart for women who are entrepreneurs, helping each other to grow in their own unique ways to make a profitable, sustainable business that stirs their soul with happiness every single day.

There is something so unique about the Society for Creative Founders. I first learned about it when it was Stationery Academy all the way back in 2012 in my local city of Pensacola, and possibly like many of you, I stalked the Instagram hashtags and the website with a hope of maybe being lucky enough to attend the conference someday.  In 2015, somehow everything fell into place perfectly just four weeks prior to the conference and I was able to attend the Phoenix session as one of the final attendees. That week changed my life, in more ways than I ever will be able to count. I then returned as the conference planner for the 2016 session, and again in 2017 as the conference planner and speaker for the Core Module.  In all of this time, working closely with Jennifer, I have learned so much from her. She truly is an amazing individual, who has set the bar very high with what I have come to expect from SCF.

This community is one that I have grown to love.  It is filled with incredible, supportive, smart, and amazing women who know that they have been given a gift, and know they can share it with the world with their own distinct personality incorporated into it as well.  The Society for Creative Founders brings unique, helpful, and needed education into this industry for women who are makers, artists, and designers that I believe helps us all to build businesses that thrive while also building a life we love.

Society for Creative Founders - new owner, Kristin Wilson - photo by Anna Filly Photography
Society for Creative Founders - new owner, Kristin Wilson - photo by Anna Filly Photography

A bit of my personal story is that I am a Minnesota born and raised turned Florida southerner.  I am a faith filled, flower loving, coffee sipping soul whose mind is constantly churning with creative thoughts and ideas.  I am a mom to three, two who are 2 and 5, and I actually took my business full time the month after my daughter was born instead of returning to my teaching career.  On the business side, I am mainly known for design in the wedding planning and invitation design industry. In addition, I have worked with a wide variety of business owners for their business branding, have had one-on-one coaching sessions with fellow creatives, and led small group learning sessions as well.  I also have had an Etsy shop since 2012 and have had products in local retail stores here in Pensacola for the last three years. If you want to get to know me on the social media side, you can find me here as Grace and Serendipity for primarily business related posts and so that you can get to know me a bit more in the years ahead.

With everything I have learned, both through successes and challenges within my own journey, I am excited to bring yet another layer of knowledge, to be teaching more to help all of us to grow within this community and in our own businesses as well.  However, as excited as I am to be the new owner, I also want to strongly express that I do not want this to be about me. It's about all of you, and fostering a community of women who build each other up, help each other to grow, and give each other the tools and educational knowledge to make it happen.  That is what I learned from Jennifer, and absolutely plan to continue.

You are probably wondering how will this impact you or what changes will you see within this amazing community.  I firmly believe that the foundation that SCF has been built upon is strong, and I only want it to continue to grow in the best way to benefit you and your business.  So, there are a few things Jennifer and I have been working on behind the scenes that we both think you will be pretty excited about.On Thursday (just two short days from now!), we will be announcing our Fall Webinar Series.  This will be a content packed, actionable series with each webinar dedicated to a topic within our six pillars. These will begin on September 8th, and be available through November 29th.  

Beginning in 2018, there will be even more exciting things available to you so that you can grow your business. And I am thrilled to finally be able to say yes, we will have a 2018 Conference, and yes, it will still be taking place in the spring!  

More than anything, thank you for your support and your grace as I navigate this new path.  Jennifer has built the Society for Creative Founders into something absolutely incredible, and I can only hope to be as helpful to all of you in the future as she has been to me and so many others as well.  She has been incredible to work with these last few years, and for that, I will forever be grateful.