Exciting News about our 2018 Conference Experience

Creative Founders Conference - Exciting News about our 2018 Experience

When I think about the Society for Creative Founders and what I hope it is to you, I want it to be thought of as a community where you can come to with any question about any part of your business and know that you are in amazing company, being surrounded by people who are there to help you to learn what you need to build your business as you deem it to be successful and to encourage you wherever you may be in your journey.

When I think about how we can best serve you, though we could give you more, more, more, more, and do so in a way it makes you think you need to run your business at a continually hustling pace, I would rather take a step back and say nope, “that’s not us”, and encourage you to run your business slowly and steadily at a pace that works for your season in life, as one that leaves your cup filled up, your heart continually happy, your passion and determination to make what you do great, every single day, grow even stronger.

When I think about the times that we have been able to bring people together, I think about the relationships that have formed that have instantly become strong, steadfast, and continue to grow long after the initial goodbyes are spoken, those same relationships that have lasted for years after people first said their hellos and introduced themselves.

And when I think about our Conference, I want it to be a place where all of these things come together beautifully, in a way that changes the way you look at running your business and living your life at the same time, in the best way possible.

A few weeks ago, we held our 11th Conference Experience since we first started way back in 2011 and it was amazing. Incredible, and so, so loved by those who attended. Specifically, reading these words, along with those written by every single one of our attendees this year simply inspired us and made us so grateful that we get to create this experience for 20 women entrepreneurs every year. 

Hearing that a room full of talented women felt and thought like me, of not being confident in their gifts, was shocking! Encouraging these new friends in turn encouraged myself, and my skillset as something not to be ashamed of but proud to help others with. Through the course of the conference, I became more affirmed in the things I already had in place for my business, became more confident in being able to learn new things to implement for myself and business, and had a change in mindset knowing that I didn't have to be doing my business alone.
- Caroline,
LinaLulu Paperie

I had a huge shift in my mindset about making sure that I am making time for family and being present in son's life while still running my business. I feel better equipped to tackle the goals I set forth for myself for the rest of next year and into the next. I also feel the SCF community provides such great camaraderie that if we're having a rough day that other people that "get it" are just a message away.”
- Karie Hillman Doonan,
Flair Necessities

I’ve spent so many years in business and in life just reacting to what comes my way. Not taking the ownership I need to really set my own direction. It is so easy to get caught up in the same patterns, the hustle. Had I not attended the conference I’m sure I would have continued right along the same track. I learned so much about what it is that make me special as an individual and business owner, and I walked away with a confidence I’ve never before felt. I have never felt so sure and so ready before.
- Shawna,
Shawna Clingerman Design

2018 Creative Founders Conference - Fall 2018 Experience

And you know the common denominator that all of these have?

Although these testimonials were written only a few weeks ago, they echo the thoughts of so many of the women who had joined us previously who are still a part of our Alumni Community and still investing in each other daily.  And that is something we love about joining us for this Experience.

The way each day is designed for is meant to help you bring your business to the next level. Every time that we decide to refine our Experience, just like a fine wine, it simply gets better with age, and this fall will be one filled with memories.

SO this year, after months of reflecting, listening, and talking about how we can best serve you, we have decided to move our Conference Experience from the Spring to the Fall.

So why, you ask, is this such an important thing to share with you today for something happening next year since we already had our Conference this year, when it is currently only May?

Well, because we don’t think it would be fair to you to have you wait until next year.  We don't want you to wait for over a year and a half before getting to join us for our next Conference Experience.  Looking to how we can best serve you, after having a plethora of conversations with those who have attended a few weeks ago or joined us for the first time more than five years ago, we decided that hosting an Experience for you this upcoming October was going to be the best way to do just that.

So yes, you read that right, we are having a Conference Experience this October, approximately five months from today, and we can't wait to share more of the details about it with you in the days ahead.


We also are making some adaptations to our Conference Experience in order to make it even better for you, so this year is going to be a little bit different than it has been in the past.

More focused time will be there to work specifically on what you need in your business, less time spent moving from one thing to the next while you’re here with us.

More time will be spent honing in on your specific strengths being led by speakers who are right there with you in your specific fields, and little to no time will be spent wondering, “am I going to fit in with this group of people?

More time will be spent building relationships with those who are here with you, so that once you head home, you have an accountability group already ready to go, with people who already know you well and encourage you along your journey.

2018 Fall Creative Founders Conference Announcement

We have been listening to what you need, and are designing this fall's experience to meet what so many of you have been asking for, in a new home that we think you'll absolutely love.  If you think you would like to potentially join us for our Experience this year, where you can have both a retreat and a powerful learning experience designed around one incredible four day weekend, we would love for you to sign up here to be the first to know when we open registration for you to join us in the next couple of weeks.  Because we have a feeling that this is going to be the Conference Experience that you are not going to want to miss.

Join the list to learn more about our Fall 2018 Conference Experience right here.

We hope we'll get to meet you this year.  We think this fall may just be our best experience yet.